Get Off My Lawn, MTV

I’m too old to watch VMAs. There, I said it. I truly tried my best. And honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve watched a VMA show, my face was like this most of the time….


Let’s also throw in a bit of this for good measure….
vmas I mean like who were these people? I was watching the VMAs preshow and I’m like….why is everyone wearing black? Is Diddy really in a kimono? He looked like someone’s uncle that needed to saddown.

Why was everyone yelling? They were trying so hard to be so hype. You can’t force it. It shows.

At least at the preshow though, people actually sang with a band and everything. Not like I knew who they were, but that one girl Alessia Cara, who was said no to makeup and hair and still looked amazing and worked her girl next door look, sang her little heart out. I loved the raspiness in her voice and that was definitely live.

But Rhianna’s first set though. She acted like she couldn’t be bothered to sing, she was just going to dance to her tracks and you’re going to sit there and like it because she was all IDGAF I’m getting the Vanguard bitch.


Then they gave Kayne four minutes to do whatever he wanted and he said a bunch of foolishness I couldn’t even piece together. Say what now? All I heard was “I see you Amber, my wife a G, but I called her on the phone, Disney… Ford…. Chicago.” Makes me wonder if I don’t speak English anymore because that shit didn’t make sense. At. All.


After watching that Jonas brother sing Bacon (so there’s really a song named bacon…) By 10:15 I was like wtf just happened. MTV is not getting any more of my life I’m going to bed and will see the highlights in the morning.

I mean it was a school night and all. Ok so school hasn’t started yet here but I do have to go to work bright and early so it still counts.

I’m sad I missed Drake’s devotional to Rhianna while delivering the Vanguard it was sooooo sweet but I wasn’t going to stay up to watch three minutes of highlights while the rest of the show sucked. Here it is for you if you want to watch and didn’t stay up to watch like me. Or didn’t care enough to watch this show at all. I’m a sucker for romance. Hello I’m a telenovela addict after all.

And let me tell you, I love Key and Peele but their hosting or non-hosting or whatever you wanted to call that was forced and horrible.


Basically, if you didn’t watch the VMAs, you didn’t miss much besides a lot of foolishness. I probably won’t be watching next year’s VMAs. And I guess that’s fine, because I’m too old to be watching anyway. Maybe they should make a show for us who loved our 90’s and 00’s hip hop. I mean we pretty much started MTV. Let’s not forget Yo, MTV Raps!

Until that happens, get off my lawn, MTV.

2 thoughts on “Get Off My Lawn, MTV

  1. I used to look forward to the VMAs, but after last year, I had to give up. I’m too old to watch them too. I think they gave away 4 awards and 29 acts sang. Not like it used to be, that’s for sure.

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