14 Guys answer: What is the difference between sexy vs slutty

fish We all know the slutty girl when we see her….the one  that just does things to get attention! “Mirala…descara!” But lets see what these me think what’s sexy and what’s slutty!

Sexy vs Slutty

Give me an example of sexy vs slutty

  1. Sexy: My wife subtly hinting at wanting some private time together. Slutty: a person hitting on someone who is obviously spoken for.
  2. Sexy: surprising me with some lingerie on a given night. Slutty: finding some lingerie that’s been worn and you never saw it. LOL
  3. Reliability
  4. Sexy=red dress + hair done up+ making moves. Slutty= Sloppy hair+a shirt that shows too much cleavage (breast and stomach…eww) +tight booty shorts.
  5. Sexy is a well put together woman who has confidence dresses right for all events and does not take any BS. Slutty is a woman who does not have confidence dresses poorly and then gets mad when the guys treat them like a well slut.
  6. Sexy is a woman who walks around with confidence. A woman who knows her worth, who has standards that won’t waver for anyone. A woman who dresses for herself first, and understands sexy isn’t about the length of her skirt! A slutty woman who dresses because of the attention she plans to get. One who values quantity versus quality. A woman who I’d rather not have a conversation with.
  7. Nothing’s more sexy than a confident woman. Slutty is the woman who wears too much makeup and clothes that she can’t fit into.
  8. Sexy leaves something to the imagination, slutty lets it all hang out.
  9. No difference.
  10. Sexy: Performing a strip tease. Slutty performing a strip tease for money.
  11. Slutty is the holey bra from Fredricks and sexy is the Victoria Secret Underwear.
  12. Stockings with the right dress sexy. slutty: high heels and short dress add that with hours of drinking
  13. Sexy: sending a teasing picture of your naked self to your significant other. Slutty: Showing everyone else the same picture.
  14. Brookyln Decker vs Megan Fox.

3 thoughts on “14 Guys answer: What is the difference between sexy vs slutty

  1. Great list! So guys love to look at the sluts but they won’t give them the time. Interesting. Bad thing for those women who dress like that. I always knew this tho’ – my dad taught me how to respect myself. 😉

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