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The only way I used to watch my telenovelas was the traditional way…on TV. Of course when they come on I am in the middle of something so they get recorded and I catch up with marathons over the weekend. But if you are on the go, or don’t get Univision or Telemundo (and its affiliates) in your area you can still tune in by watching it on Novelas Y Más online. They have video powered by You Tube that show all your favorite soaps.

I’m currently watching two telenovelas: Cuidado con el Angel airing on Univision at 8PM EST and Las Tontas No Van al Cielo airing on Univision at 7PM. This is the first (and hopefully last) time that I am watching two at once. I just can’t seem to keep up! But I’m so involved in both that I can’t drop them. I try not writing too much detail because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but I realized that we’re behind with episodes in the US anyway and I’m definitely behind compared to the average US viewer. I went from about a week behind to about three-four days. So you’ll catch me writing about them from time to time.

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So do you watch your telenovelas “live” as they are playing on TV? Or do you record and watch them later like I do? Novelas Y Más is a great alternative for someone who’s not receiving these channels in their area! Another benefit of recording is that you can skip over the commercials!

Of course if you’re willing to pay the subscription fee, then Hulu is the way to go. Hulu has an extensive library of Univision and Telemundo telenovelas and you can watch on your phone, iPad, or on your TV through your game console. I’ve honestly cancelled my cable TV because it’s so cheaper to have Hulu for my telenovelas and TV shows and Netflix for movies along with Redbox.

You can also buy your favorite telenovelas from Amazon as low as $5!

Right now, I’m selling brand new telenovelas in their packaging on eBay! Check it out here and help me with my spring cleaning! I’m selling Teresa, El Pantera, Tormenta del Paraiso, Soy Tu Duena and many more!

Are you a telenovela addict? How do you watch your favorite Telenovelas? Leave me a comment and let me know!

50 thoughts on “Watch your favorite novelas online

  1. You are going to laugh but the last novela I watched was Canaveral de Pasiones which is a mexican novela. So long ago. I just can’t seem to get into them as much anymore.

    1. theres many ways you can watch soas online. try to do search on aol canaveral de pasiones

      or youutbe canaveral de pasiones ( type in also ) capitulo 1 parte 1 or

      hulu plus pay 10 a month see unlimeitd shows or novelas
      on hulu youtype in LATINO.

      The novelas will show online.

  2. @Marisol: Just like you said in another comment hotties are definitely a good reason to watch! As long as the story is believeable I’m there.

    @Rita: Hey girl, glad you stopped by! You may still be able to search on the novelas y mas website to check if they have the Juan Querendon you are missing. Or wait to see if you can get it on DVD.

  3. Hey girl! I love your new layout. It’s fabulous! I haven’t been to your website in a while (obviously) and this article caught my attention because I always wanted to know where can I find those old school novelas from back in the day?

  4. is there anywhere that i can watch telenovelas in english?
    i reallt want to continue watching `sos mi vida` (i know i know, it’s been ages) where i left it…

    thanks anyway

  5. Yeah men I do the same think I recorded it on my dvd, and then I watched over the weekend.. I’m watching Manana es para siempre is almost finishing thanks god, it’s hard to keep up plus I want to watch something different.

  6. hello , could you please help me? i am looking for some telenova to watch online , its been a long time since i wanted to try those mexican italian bresilian series but am looking for a site online where its dubbed since i understand only french and english

    please do help me if any of you have any ideas
    thanks loads

  7. Does anyone know where i can watch Aurora online with english subtitles? i have like 20 episodes on my DVR but i want to watch them from the office (hehe..shhh!!!). I don’t speak Spanish, so it’s pointless if i don’t have the english subtitles!!!!! HELP!!!

  8. hi,
    can you please tell me where i can watch Aurora online with English captions?? i’m out of the country right now,and dont know how to watch it!

    1. Teresa has been popular I missed this one. I did a quick Google search and found some Teresa episodes on YouTube via Univision. 🙂

  9. the like to see the nolvias beacuse they make me lafe or they make me cry sometimes but i just love to see trhe nolivas so much but they air the best shows ever .

  10. I Wish there was a way i cud watch them in english. I hav searched everywhere but failed to get them in english, oh well. Aleast i tried. But i really reallly really really wanna watch them. Am gonna cry…………..

    1. It’s a good way to start learning Spanish. Plus the drama is waay better in Spanish, it loses some of the touch when translated into English.

  11. hi everyone…. can you help me plz… where can i download the telenovelas either in french or english… i would like to watch the one called… la otra….. help please

  12. I come from Kenya. I spend a lot of time online. I watch telenovelas on TV. I have been searching for telenovelas with English subtitles online and I found 2 sites: and mun2. I want to find one with full number of episodes of each telenovela. Please help? I have been searching for months on end…

    1. Hi Stacey! I do think Hulu would be your best bet as they have all episodes and also have the subtitles. You should definitely check them out!

  13. well i tried hulu too they say its for only those in the USA and yet iam from Denmark. i love telenovelas very much with English subtitles since i dont understand spanish which other site can i try i already tried viki but not all episodes are translated. i would love cuidado con el angel and triump de amor
    thanks for the help friends

  14. Please can someone tell me where I can watch telemundo novelas with english subtitles or voice overs. I have been searching endlessly and it is frustrating. I speak no spanish whatsoever and I will be glad if someone could help me. The ones I want to watch are My heart beats for lola (mi corazon insiste na lola volcan), Aurora, Precious Rose (Rosa Diamante), Behind Closed Doors (La Casa de al Lado). Thanks Thats all. Please someone help me, I love my soaps and it breaks my heart not to be able to watch it. I live in the US

  15. Netflix has a few telenovelas with English subtitles however it is not free you pay every month when you sign up.

  16. please are there subs on the website? I have been looking for a place to watch telenovela, more anxious since i came to canada

    1. Hi Ann, not sure what you mean by subs, but I’m also selling a bunch of Telenovelas on DVD on eBay! Feel free to check it out!

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