univision20logoAs you all know, Las Tontas No Van Al Cielo and Cuidado Con El Angel are both in their final weeks. There’s already been talk about the novelas that are taking their place.

First up is Un Gancho Al Corazon with hottie Sebastian Rulli, Raul Araiza (from Cuidado Con El Angel) Agustin Arana (from Las Tontas) Lakiesha Wilkins, Margarita Magana (from Al Diablo Con Los Guapos) and lots more. It’s about a female boxer who falls for a car racer (think sort of like Nascar). I may check out the first few episodes.

Next is El Nombre Del Amor where two sisters fall for the same guy. Can you say DRAMA!! Lots of people are in here. From Al Diablo Con Los Guapos we have a mini reunion! We have Allison Lozz, Laura Flores Altair Jarabo and Cesar Evora in this one. Laura Flores is actually playing Altair Jarabo’s mother again!  Also joining the cast is Victoria Ruffo from La Madrastra.

I can’t promise that I will be watching both of these. I will definitely watch the first few episodes and give you chicas the recaps you all love. After that I will make a decision on one or the other because I’m just not going to fall into the trap of watching two novelas again. It’s draining!

Based on this info if you have to choose one, which would it be? I honestly make my decision not only on the story lines but on the main hottie. Looking at both I think I’m probably going to go with Un Gancho even though I loved Allisson Lozz on Al Diablos. The main hottie there is just not doing it for me. Maybe I have to see it in action! I usually do watch one or two episodes before I make the decision of watching a telenovela all the way to the end. Because in reality it all ends the same way and it’s all about the same thing. A couple dying to be together and the obstacles they face for an average of 150 episodes. The end is always the same, so why not have some nice eye candy to go with the story line?