What did you think of En Nombre Del Amor? It seems to be one of those pretty dark and dramatic telenovelas. The main girl Paloma is orphaned and staying with her aunts Carlotta and Macarena. Carlotta is a sour biatch and Macarana is a sweetheart. But Carlotta is Paloma’s custodial parent and is really controlling and overbearing with everyone. Between her attitude and the purple makeup she was made to be hated on. Seriously.

There is a big secret surrounding this novela. Here’s my guess. If you don’t like spoilers don’t read! The big secret is (in my opinion) that Macarena and Carlotta loved the same guy the guy that is a priest now. He chose Macarena and he is her baby daddy. Who is the baby you ask? Paloma! I truly believe this! This is why Paloma stayed with the aunts. And they just look too much alike it can’t be coincidence in my opinion!

Ok you can read now if you stopped reading for the spoiler possibility. It did take me an episode or two to warm up to it but I am definitely hooked! Un Gancho is a lighter drama and I haven’t watched something this dark in a while. Carlotta is a true villian. This novela is also set in a small town instead of the big cities of Guadalajara or Mexico.

So Paloma’s BFF Romina practically threw herself at Emiliano. And my gut instinct is that Emiliano actually likes Paloma and that’s going to be a huge breaking point for Paloma’s and  Romina’s relationship.

This novela aka ENDA already ended in Mexico. What do you think of it so far? Is it a must see or a pass? This one may last around 9 months.