0000304994-25724L I know…I know! I’m watching two novelas already on Univision Un Gancho Al Corazon and En Nombre Del Amor. I know I haven’t been recapping as much as I should but I am definitely watching! Sortilegio is coming on Tuesday, October 6th on Univision at 9PM EST. Now, I know I shouldn’t be watching yet another novela with work, school, being a wife and mami, and already watching two novelas. But drool worthy William Levy is the main actor in this novela. He’s just soooooo yummy. I could watch this novela on mute and still be good.  :) 

This novela also stars Jaqueline Bracamontes as his love interest. I’m glad that Anahi didn’t get the part because I wouldn’t be able to stand watching her on TV. I personally think she’s annoying. She’s definitely on my short list. But anyway…just catch a commercial and you see why I’m thinking of watching this one. There’s a shower scene…..enough said!

So I promised hubby that I wouldn’t record yet another show and completely take over the DVR. But I will try to watch it live when I can. Anything for William Levy! Is anyone else going to watch this one?