Trying again. Changing my hair color

mila Yup I’m going to do it again. After having a hair disaster year in 2009 and letting it grow out and become healthy again, I think it’s time to lighten it. I’m trying to go as light as Mila Kunis…a chocolate brown a few shades lighter than I am now. I will settle for highlights but I would like to get my whole hair lighter. The older you get, the lighter you should color your hair. Besides the harshness of black, grays show up easier against dark black hair. And I’m only 30 so I’m thinking it’s stress, but every time I blow dry my hair I find a new gray! Doesn’t make a girl feel sexy. But this color brings a nice warm complexion to your face as well as a good spring color. Not as light as the Jlo color I wanted when my hair turned green, but it’s a shade or two closer. Here’s hoping it works I will probably get it done next month!

Are you planning any hair changes this spring?

Wordless Wednesday: Change


Butterflies are a sign of spring as well as change. I’m so ready for some change and hoping that this spring gives me that! Curious enough I had a dream with glass in it this past. week. I looked it up and this is what it said:

To see broken glass in your dream, signifies a change in your life.

Here’s to change!

Product Review: Have you tried this yet? Bathroom Essentials

#sponsored I am sharing my experience with the products sent to me on behalf of P&G

If you have any preschoolers I have to say Charmin Freshmates are a MUST for your bathroom. When you are potty training your children and they are too old for baby wipes (plus most wipes are not flushable) this is the best for the kids to make sure they are clean. They are also great for adults too and come in a nicely designed package. (I’m such a sucker for packaging!) You can find Charmin’s line of products on their web site and can purchase at your local grocer or drugstore.
Crest Pro-Health is your answer to the gross taste of other rinses. It’s surprisingly light with no burn. But it does fight a huge fight against cavities, cleans teeth and gums, rebuilds teeth enamel for great teeth. You replace this once and you won’t miss your old stuff. Have you tried this products yet? Stay tuned for more P&G product reviews!

Book Review: Can you hooked on lip balm?

Can you I received this great book written from the creators of The Beauty Brains where top cosmetic scientists answer your questions about the lotions potions and other beauty products you use every day. The contents are broken down into questions in which you can use it as a reference book to quickly look things up. You can find answers to questions like:

Do pore strips really work?

  • Why does wearing polish turn my nails yellow?
  • Can coconut oil grow your hair long?
  • Can pheromone fragrances get you a date?

This is a good read and definitely a good beauty tool to add to the arsenal. The answers are intelligent and thorough yet very well written and relatable! Great find! You can purchase Can You Get Hooked on Lip Balm? on Amazon for as low as 10.61 or 9.99 for the kindle version.

Wordless Wednesday: Fashion Bible

A peek at my fashion bible. If you haven’t taken my advice trust me it keeps you focused! Get yourself a book!

fashion bible

ShoeDazzle for Shoe Addicts

Shoedazzle I love getting things in the mail. It’s probably my favorite fringe benefit from the blog. And in case you don’t know…I love shoes. like LOVE! So when I got a Living Social Deal for ShoeDazzle I was more than excited to take advantage of the deal. You basically answer some questions about your fashion preferences and they make a showroom completely personalized based on your answers. Kim Kardashian is one of the stylists. The only thing that worries a shopaholic like myself is that the site holds on to your credit card info so just one click is all you need to shop and send a new pair of shoes home.

Also…it’s like a membership site so if you purchase the first pair you will continue getting a monthly charge of $39.99. You have to make sure that you do skip the month if you don’t see anything you like. The site also chooses bags and jewelry for you. Here’s a snapshot of the first pair of shoes I bought. They are so freaking cute!LIANNA_PURPLE_a_f3q For those of you wondering how I’d wear these I will write a post in the next few days on how I would wear these. They are freaking cute. Believe it or not they are comfortable too. I’ve already worn them to work. 😉

Interested in checking out ShoeDazzle? Here’s the invite link for you ladies to check out. Now just wanted to mention that taking the test and all that is free. Your credit card won’t need to be added until you are ready to purchase your first pair of shoes. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Macy’s Introduces QR Codes

QR Code You know QR Codes right? Those handy little puzzle looking things that you can use to get to web sites from your phone. For example, the one on this post is the QR code for MTO. You can take a picture of it from any smartphone as long as you have the QR reader and it can automatically take you to the site.

Macy’s has really gotten the idea as far as how to use technology to reach consumers in a whole new way.

A new mobile consumer initiative, Macy’s Backstage Passes are customized QR codes that deliver fantastic video content featuring our stable of celebrity designers and fashion authorities.
The videos offer essential tips, trend information and behind-the-scenes looks at collections that will help customers in-store learn more about the brands/designs as they shop. Designers participating include makeup maven Bobbi Brown, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Greg Norman for Tasso Elba, Rachel Roy, Irena Shabayeva for I.N.C., and a host of the nation’s most influential fashion bloggers for Macy’s newest exclusive collection, bar III. Additionally, the campaign will feature content by Martha Stewart and Madonna’s Material Girl in videos currently set to debut a few weeks following the launch.
Understanding that this is an emerging technology in the U.S., we have also created an informative tutorial video to educate our customers about QR codes and how they work. All this great content is available in-stores now and can also be accessed online at
For a quick demonstration on how it works for shoppers in-store, just scan the red star code attached in this email using a QR code reader on your smart phone and your device will do the rest. You can either scan your computer screen or print the code to scan. Special tip: If you don’t have a QR code reader on your smart phone or video-enabled device, just text “reader” to MACYS (62297) to receive a free QR reader download.
The Backstage Pass attached features a quick beauty tutorial by renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown. Her Backstage Pass codes can be found in-store at Bobbi Brown cosmetics counters at Macy’s nationwide.
We think this is a great initiative that will benefit shoppers who are interested in learning more about trends or want some helpful tips.

Jennifer Lopez on American Idol

I know for you Idol fans this may be old news to you. But for someone like me who hasn’t watched American idol in years, this may be the season I start tuning in, if only to check out what JLo’s wearing. Because admit it, she’s bringing some serious heat in the fashion and beauty department. Jennifer Lopez is one of my style icons, I look to her for trends on fashion and hair. I mean really she’s killin em! Work it m’ija! jlo-judges-table

jlo am

Terra teams up with Martin Llorens

Estilo Maximo with Martin Llorens. Tune in to get all your fashion do’s and dont’s from fashion expert Martin Llorens.

Martin is always ready to answer all the questions you have in mind and give you tips on fashion, beauty and health including tips on how you should always wear the correct size of lingerie, how to look great in your jeans, special treatments for you face during summer time and much more Send your questions today!

Barrettes are Back!

image003 It seems that this season’s motto is “everything old is new again!” I kinda like it and stepping into this vintage trend. These are not the barrettes we wore when we were kids. They are almost like a piece of jewelry a statement of some sort. Here are some ways I would wear it…

1. Taming back a bad hair day.
2. Adding pop to a regular or sideswept ponytail.
3. Growing out bangs? Another great way to use a barrette.
4. Adding some bling to your look.

Doing it the right way can be very coutoure! Check out what the WSJ has to say about it. What do you think? Pick up or Pass this trend?