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I’m sure by now everyone has heard that Kim and Kanye welcomed their baby girl into the world. It’s been a week since she’s been born and everyone is dying to find out what they named her and what she looks like. I can’t believe they chose the name North West but hey, to each its own I guess. People are even complaining about how quiet Kim is being considering how open she usually is. I think motherhood has kicked in and she’s being overprotective of her baby girl. Nothing wrong with that! But let’s take a look at some of Kim’s fashion choices while pregnant and see what I would have done different. Here we go!

I love this look. She’s wearing flats (what’s with celebrities wearing heels while in their third trimester!) and looks great in neutrals.

Kim Kardashian Maternity

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This picture of her at an evening event is cute. Can’t see the shoes, I’m really hoping it’s not high heels, but never the less this is a look only she can pull off. What do you think of this one? I might have layered that top with another top underneath it is very cute and has some great details.

Kim Kardashian Maternity

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This was not one of my favorite looks on her. No need for peplum she already has curves! Maybe a peplum top but the peplum pants are also high waist it’s just not flattering for her at all. It makes her body disproportionate.

Kim Kardashian maternity

Although neutrals look great on her, this shapeless dress does nothing for her. Maybe a low slung belt would have helped.Or leaving the blazer off.

Kim Kardashian Maternity

Everyone criticized her for her weight gain but I honestly think that a lot of it was her wardrobe choices. She seemed to have been in denial and not want to wear any maternity clothes. Going a size up in clothes sometimes doesn’t help. Your body changes when pregnant and going a size up doesn’t help accentuate your new curves. It will fall in all the wrong places. With all the great options for maternity clothes there’s great stuff at Target as well as Motherhood, you should definitely stick to maternity options!

Let’s not mention her issues with wearing high heels! This is not ok! Her swollen feet are oozing out of the shoe and doesn’t look comfortable at all!

Kim Kardashian Maternity

What do you think about Kim Kardashian’s maternity looks?

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