28 Fun Things to do With Your Kids This Summer

Moving is exhausting. And when you add kids, selling one house and purchasing another hoping to coordinate a same day closing and leave the house in a suitable condition…it could be the definition of insanity.

things to do with your kids this summer

We’ve been in the new house for a little over a week now and we still have a huge mess. Not one room is done. Funny thing is that I went as far as printing the pictures from the listing to write down all things I’d like to do in each room. We chose an estate house, so it was at an amazing deal but it needs a lot of sweat equity. Mostly wallpaper removal. Every single room has wallpaper in it. So that’s going to be a challenge.

Now that school is over (yesterday was the official last day!) and summer is short here in Rochester, I came up with a summer bucket list for the kids. In between decorating a new house and hopefully not going broke in the process, I’m hoping to get to some if not all of this list!

Summer Bucket List

  1. Visit a spray park (more than once)
  2. Visit an amusement park at least once ( this is happened yesterday!)
  3. Water balloon fight
  4. Water gun fight
  5. Make s’mores
  6. Build a sandcastle ( hopefully while on vacation!)
  7. Find time for learning ( getting a tutor for my 9 year old)
  8. Work on our handwriting
  9. Visit a farm
  10. Tour a fire station
  11. Go stargazing
  12. Make a Lava lamp
  13. Make a pizza
  14. Squirt gun painting
  15. Volunteer for a day
  16. Home Depot building class
  17. Draw with chalk outside
  18. Pick summer fruit
  19. Check out Festivals and parades
  20. Plant and care for a flower/plant
  21. Make snow cones
  22. Visit a waterfall
  23. Dance in the rain
  24. Make a Blanket fort in the living room
  25. Sleepover in the living room
  26. Visit a lake ( I cheated with this one we live five minutes from a Great Lake)
  27. Career searching day ( they have to know there’s more than just sports)
  28. Feed the ducks

28 things on our bucket list hopefully we can get to them all! Which means I will not be blogging as much this summer, about once a week on Tuesdays. Otherwise you can find me on Instagram and Facebook. And of course Pinterest getting ideas to decorate the house and keep the kids from driving us nuts!!

What will you be doing this summer? Any items on your summer bucket list?

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