3 Apps to help you through Motherhood and Beyond!

Motherhood is hard ya’ll, not that anyone said it would be easy. But two kids, plus work, home, marriage, personal development, blogging and looking good while you do it all is not easy AT ALL. I try not to be that ugly tired mom at least 90% of the time. Here are some apps that can help all of us go through motherhood and make it look super easy!

Sick Weather iPhone App

My oldest Booba was just sick the other day. This kid never gets sick. As in NEVER! Since coming home from the hospital he’s had a run in with a bee that swelled his eye shut and also a few allergies, nothing serious. A cold here and there. That’s it. When he got sick with this stomach bug I felt horrible for him but also wasn’t even sure what to do for him! Of course after talking with fellow mami’s I got him on the BRAT diet and he seemed to be much better.

Did you know there was an app for sickness? Available on iTunes as a free app, Sickweather provides real time alerts when you enter a sick zone. You can get alerts for the flu, congestion, pink eye and even fifths disease! Check out the site to try it out.

life organizer app

Life Organizer App

I consider my phone my personal assistant. I can find recipes for dinner, do my grocery list and share that with my hubby, even start writing blog posts and reading other blogs. This Life Organizer app is a way to manage, lead and grow your life. You can set annual goals, weekly tasks manage your calendar and to do list. It’s $7.99, but to me it’s cheaper than paying a virtual assistant or personal assistant. Check out the website or download now through iTunes.

Count the Kicks App

count the kicks

If you are currently expecting, this could be a life saver for you and your baby. I remember when I was pregnant with Booba, which was before the time of smartphones and apps, I used to make my phone vibrate and put it on my belly to wake him up when I didn’t feel him moving for a while. Count the Kicks was developed by five moms and is available for free. You can count kicks as well as check the history of your baby’s kick counts. One less thing to worry about when you’re pregnant! Check out their website for free info!

Here are three apps to help you keep your life, your kids and your pregnancy in total order! Do you have any go-to apps?

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