4 Johnson’s Baby Products Mamis can use too!

baby products Being a Mami is a great thing, even if at times tiring and there are days that we feel less than beautiful. Here are a few baby products that can we can use along with our baby! For those days we forget to purchase our regular products or we have five minutes to indulge ourselves and have run out of product there are three great Johnson and Johnson products we can use on ourselves!

Johnson’s Baby Oil/Baby Oil Gel:

I don’t think I’ve ever used Baby Oil for the baby. I used a mixture of cocoa butter and baby oil on my belly while pregnant to prevent stretch marks and I use the baby oil on my legs after shaving. Especially in winter, it can really help with dry skin.

Johnson’s Baby Wash:

You can use this baby soap to wash your makeup brushes, which you should be washing at least once a week.

Johnson’s Baby Powder:

If you haven’t had a chance to wash your hair after your blow dry, in a pinch you can use baby powder similar to dry shampoo. I also tie an old cotton bandana to soak up all that excess oil.

Johnson’s Baby Lotion:

Also if you like the baby lotion but don’t want to smell just like a baby, Johnson’s has different scents you can buy for you and your baby including the Lavender Scent, Honey Apple, Fragrance Free and Vanilla Oatmeal.

Honestly, as cold as it been this month, hubby’s hands and feet are really dry. I’ve bought him so many different lotions but the only one he’s been using is the baby lotion. He uses it more than the baby does!

You can purchase most of these products at your local favorite drug store for under $5 each. And that baby oil will last you FOREVER!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and I didn’t include links to the products because they can be found everywhere. I just love Johnson’s baby!

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