5 Instagram Photo Gifts

With everyone and their momma being on Instagram lately (over 80 million users and counting since summer 2012) there are some great gifts out there to bring those photos out from your smartphone. These Instagram photo gift ideas are a great way to save the everyday pictures you have been taking with your phone.

1. Get 252 mini stickers for $10 at Printstagram. You can use them to cover your laptop or other favorite electronic. Great as a stocking stuffer for that price!

instagram gift ideas

2. Also from Printstagram, you can get three mini books for $10. Another great stocking stuffer, each book has 24 photos and a magnet for your fridge (or filing cabinet..etc)

instagram gift ideas

3. For the iPhone lover in your life, you can get a customized iPhone case with one or many instagram pictures. Actually you can get a case for iPad, iTouch and Galaxy phones as well. Castagram is the business. So easy for you to take pictures from Instagram or Facebook and make a phone case with different designs to choose from. Here’s what I got when I played with it. I so want one!!! For $34.95 it’s not bad at all.

4. Are you crafty? You can check this site out to make your own Instagram photo strips.

5. Instagram Magnets are cute and affordable. You can choose a sheet with 9 pictures for $14.99 with free shipping worldwide. I would love to decorate my fridge with these!

So there you have it! Five gift ideas for that Instagram lover in your life. And I can’t lie, I already created and ordered my case before finishing this post!

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