5 Pieces No Fashionable Mom Can Live Without

Mom fashion has completely evolved with the current generation of moms.The days of “mom jeans” are over! I try to be fashionable even while chasing down the kiddos. I go for about an 85% fashionable mom success rate. It’s harder to achieve when there’s so much other things to get done, but I try to lay my clothes out the night before when I have to work the next day. In order to make life easier, I’ve listed five things I feel every mom should own that I can’t live without! Any piece below would make a great addition to any outfit and instantly make you look pulled together with minimum effort. And who doesn’t like minimum effort, right?

Wonder Woman sneakers (if you get them in leopard you’d tackle two things on this list at once!)

Statement pieces

Sure this can mean jewelry but everyone has their own type of statement piece. It could be a fab handbag or a great pair of shoes or an amazing top in your color! Something that someone else can’t rock as flawlessly as you. And before you say that you don’t have it, I’m sure that you have a piece of special something that you wear fabulously! Find what that is and mimic that at the store! A color would be another good idea. Find your signature color, that color that look much more amazing on you than anyone else. Trust me, everyone has that color.

If you have a long graceful neck, show that off by putting your hair in a ponytail and get some great earrings or a great necklace (but not both!) If you have an hourglass shape and want to flaunt it, try a great obi belt. If you are self conscious about your lower half grab the attention with a statement piece on your upper half and vice versa. You get the picture!

Boyfriend jeans

This one makes your look flawlessly casually chic. The bigger cut means no muffin top and who likes muffin top? You can also find them at any price point. On a day where you’re feeling less than chic…or even frumpy…the boyfriend jean should definitely be your go to. It’s almost like wearing yoga pants. But not really.

You can still love fashion after being a mom. The trick is to make it look effortless. No one wants to be a slave to fashion! Are you a fashionable mom?

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