Shop on a Budget With These 5 Tips!

In my 8 years of blogging, I’ve never done video. I’ve attempted it, but I always got stuck at editing. And let’s not forget the whole introverted thing and deer in headlights look I feel I’m giving the camera when it’s rolling.

Shopping on a budget

So imagine my surprise when I found myself responding to an email from Amiyrah at Four Hats and Frugal asking for any volunteers to do a live Facebook video on a topic of my choosing (Shopping on a Budget) on her Facebook Group A Full Life on Less. I was feeling extremely brave seeing as I just finished reading Shonda Rhimes’ book Year of Yes, recommended to me by Sili from My Mamihood. If you haven’t read the book and are an introvert like me, read the book! I felt like I had a lot in common with her (she is also an introvert) and her love of playing with the cans in the pantry. It reminded me of playing with my mom’s nail polish station in her beauty salon. In case you’re wondering, the nail polish station was a school and I designated some nail polish bottles to be boys and others to be girls. The best telenovela you ever did see. Too bad it was before the time of YouTube!

Anyway, I’m talking about I’ve never done anything remotely to this. Not even a Snapchat video of myself. Not even Periscope. Just none of it. I actually downloaded both apps and promptly deleted it. So I was surprised myself as I am saying yes to something new and not only that, being the first one in the community to do my live video. If you want to see it, it’s still posted on the Full Life on Less Facebook group. It’s a closed group but you can request to join. But I thought I would also share my tips here with you!

Here are my five tips to shopping on a budget!

1. Include shopping as a budget line in your monthly budget.

I don’t necessarily use it every single month and you don’t have to, but it can be used similar to a savings account. Also this doesn’t include things like gas or groceries, they should have their own line item in your budget.

2. Plan your shopping trips.

Just like you plan your budget, plan your trips so that you know how much money you can spend and what you’re looking for.  Things that you shop for (Anniversaries, Birthdays, Holidays, Back to School) happen at the same time each year. Also sales like Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Labor Day, Black Friday…also happen at the same time each year. Plan ahead so you can get more bang for your buck.

3. Use apps for savings.

I love Target’s Cartwheel, and you know how much I love Shopkick! You can read my post all about Shopkick here!

4. Sign up for emails to your favorite stores.


You can get exclusive coupons or members only shopping days if you sign up for emails.

5. Stretch your budget by knowing when to splurge and when to save.

This decision is a personal one that can vary from family to family. Check the video out on A Full Life on Less for specifics and other great tips from members!

Do you have any tips to add to this on shopping on a budget? Leave a comment below!

6 thoughts on “Shop on a Budget With These 5 Tips!

  1. Girl I am the same way. I don’t get to splurge much on myself often but when I do, I like to take full advantage of every sale, coupon, etc. I rely heavily on the Retail and Not app. It has saved me tons of money especially during back to school time. I tried Shopkick but my forgetful self kept forgetting to check in every time I was at Target and lord knows that’s a lot.

  2. Thanks for the tips! and book recommendation. Will totally check that out. 😀 No idea these apps existed….time to step up. Would love to see your video!

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