5 Ways to Tackle Your Messy House!

Nothing gives me more anxiety than a messy house. I love coming home from work to a nice house, but since this is real life it doesn’t happen often. Let’s not talk about having a kid’s party at your house, it’s the quickest way for it to get messy! Instead of complaining, I try to find the source of the mess and get something to fix the problem. I’m all about solutions and not just complaining.


Electronics and chargers everywhere? Make a charging station! I did a DIY for a spot in our old home, but the charging station doesn’t work where I have it now. We’ve just grown in electronics between phones, iPads, etc. I need something like this now to get all our phones in one place. I am looking at a counter in the kitchen to get the charging station there along with school paperwork.


School paperwork can be the biggest mess ever! Now with two in school I have double the PTA sheets, Scholastic, and other requests from school coming to the house. Using one of these great magazine binders helps us get situated and then I can review for any actions or throw away. It keeps paper from growing everywhere. I don’t know about you, but I seem to find paper everywhere! And I hate clutter!


Speaking of paper, I like to get the mail in one spot too so that I can sort and toss what I don’t need. I keep the mail in the kitchen as well along with a key hook for our keys. One of my older son’s chores is to get the mail from the mailbox and he knows to put it right in the inbox in the kitchen. Sometimes I find it on the counter and he gets major side eye….apparently it’s pretty difficult to put the mail where it supposed to go! UGH!

I use storage ottomans from Target to try to corral all the toys in this house. I can’t even comprehend why we have so many toys and so many pieces of them everywhere. I try to do a clean out from time to time but it’s like they multiply at night somehow. There’s just toys everywhere. The ottoman helps to make the living room look like adults live here. Until my 4 year old drops in and plays with all the toys doesn’t put them back and moves along. I call him Hurricane Josh. He also gets upset when you ask him to pick it up like how dare you mess with his life like that? This strong willed child will be the death of me.

I’ve also found some cool projects on Pinterest like a nerf gun organizer and have been looking at amazing garages. Because although my husband thinks that the garage is not a big deal, we park our cars in the garage so the first thing I see when I get home are extras like our old sofa, a garbage can and random things that never made it into the house from when we moved in summer of 2016. Somehow, the sofa also has things on top of it. I think the only space that is not a mess is the basement. And it’s not even a finished basement so I don’t tend to go down there to hide.

My husband has a hard time letting go. I will let go in a hot minute if it means less clutter, faster than that if it gets me a little cash! His difficulty letting go isn’t new to you if you follow me on Instagram. Last time I decluttered around here, I found a brand new two way pager that I don’t believe was used for more than a month. TWO WAY PAGER FOLKS!

I used shelves a lot at our last house. I haven’t really done that here, my kids definitely need some shelves on the wall or at minimum a small bookcase they can throw catchalls in. even one of these:


How about you? How do you fight clutter in your house?

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