7 Crafty Latinas to Check Out for Your Next Purchase!

Crafty Latinas

There are so many great women making some great things. Since we are in the middle of Hispanic Heritage Month, I thought it was a great time to highlight some of these great women. I was also inspired by the second annual Latinas Unidas Business Expo that I just finished planning.

I’m not a crafty person but when I think of things that I’d like to do if I had talent, I go on Etsy to have someone else do it for me. I’m just not the crafty type. I’ve tried different DIYs (like this t-shirt bracelet or an iPhone case that didn’t make it on the website) but it probably takes me way too long to get it done and it’s not as good as others. So I leave most things to the crafty professionals. Plus I end up supporting small businesses so it’s a win for everyone all around.

Ruby Conchitas

First we have Ruby’s Chonchitas on Etsy. If you don’t know what conchitas are, they are Mexican pastries. Less fat and calories than a donut and more delish. Also way bigger. Although I’m not Mexican, there was a Mexican bakery around the corner from my mom’s salon in Brooklyn. We used to grab a bag full of them right out of the oven. This takes me back to my childhood. The conchitas that Ruby sells are zero calories with all the cuteness of the pastry. She started off with paperclips and has added earrings and push pins. Cutest thing I’ve ever seen. If you are a lover of pretty things like I am, you need to get you some here.


Alexis Joanna is an Instagram friend who has a cute jewelry line. She’s added a collection called “Yo Soy”. They are bar necklaces that you can choose from a variety like “Latina” “Taina” “Indiecita” “morenita” “café con leche”. I’m grabbing one of these too, I just haven’t decided which. Because I love them all. I love this lotus necklace as well. Follow her on Instagram for some behind the scenes and perfect motivation quotes.

2016-09-09 13.21.54

Someone in my Facebook feed shared this amazing Dominicana that is launching her own line of fabric this fall.  The prints are so cute, there’s one with guayaba on it and another with platanos. I need to figure out how to sew so I can make curtains out of one of these fabrics for my kitchen window. There are quite a few to choose from, but she had me at platanos. Her Instagram is crafty_gemini.


Another Instagram friend, Lifesamoda, has an etsy shop where she sells tees of popular Dominican dolls. These dolls are faceless. So pretty. I can rep my country and have a graphic shirt at the same time. Winning. She only has a few left so grab them before they are gone!

Peggy Martinez is a local (read Rochester) artist that has so many beautiful paintings. Oil and watercolor florals, still life…etc. You can find her on shop, LaGaleria on Esty as well.

dream big

Maura from Pressed Intentions makes me want to buy all of her trinket trays. One for the bathroom, one for the bedroom….one for the kitchen. I love how snarky some are and sweet others are. So there’s one for every mood from “hello gorgeous” to “bitch please”. I’m here for all of them.


Rochele at Rayo & Honey has been featured in magazines. There’s no secret to how amazing her pennants are. Made in Brooklyn, from “Get Shit Done” to “Young Black and Gifted” there is something for every room and theme. You can also get a custom look of one of her “goods with positive intent.”

With Christmas right around the corner, you can purchase items for those on your list, or fill your own Christmas list with these fun items! I think I might do just that!

Which one of these is your fave?

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