8 Things I love about Being Dominican

Today Dominicans everywhere (whether on the island or not) celebrate the Independence of their country. In the spirit of the holiday I am sharing some of my favorite Dominican things…

  1.  Mangu. I mean really how can I live without my platanos! Here’s a
  2. The smell of my country. I can’t explain it but it smells like palm trees, warm breeze, sunshine coconuts and platanos.
  3. Junot Diaz. This Pulitzer prize winning author and his book the and a song he made with Drake
  4. queso tropicalIt’s the best cheese you can fry. Period. Add that to your mangu and just call me for dinner.
  5. That’s Dominican.com. Their Related

11 thoughts on “8 Things I love about Being Dominican

    1. You should! I don’t make it due to laziness and the fact my husband couldn’t care less for mangu. I wish I lived next door to you and can just come over when you make it! 😉

  1. That’s awesome! I hope to visit someday. Having pride in your home is a wonderful thing. I love my home too. It is a great feeling. I love reading and seeing your pics and videos. It gives me a good feeling. One day I will visit. Lots of love, lisa
    lisa recently posted..They Love Happily Ever After

  2. Hello Jai,

    My name is James West. I like your blog. Wondering if you could help me find more stateside Dominicans. Since 2007 Hollywood studios have hired me to name some of their biggest films: http://www.titledoctors.com

    This year I’ve finally decided to produce and would like to share a special TV comedy project with you called “A Chinese In Santo Domingo” here on Kickstarter https://lnkd.in/dUaTAMK

    I would love for your readers to know there are thousands of Chinese living, thriving and have fully integrated into the Dominican culture– many of whom speak Mandarin, Cantonese and Spanish.

    With more support we will make history in November creating the first cross-cultural sitcom for Latino and Chinese viewers.

    Thank you for your time and hope my project is worthy of your consideration.

    James West

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