8 Tips to Keep Your Hair Damage Free This Summer

I always get asked how I keep my hair healthy and  looking like I’ve never bleached it.  I decided to write this post to share my secrets! I also figure now that it’s summer, this is when we start lightening our hair and maybe doing some DIY dye.

tips to keep hair damage free

Summer is a short and we want to take advantage of every minute of it. The sun and chlorine from the pool can really take a toll on our hair. And for those of us natural mami’s, I salute you. I can’t keep my curls from swallowing my face whole all summer and it traps heat into the back of my neck. So I still blow dry my hair all summer. Here’s how I keep my hair from not looking like straw all summer long!

The first few tips are for you ladies that blow dry like I do.

  • I wash my hair the night before I am going to blow dry it.  I only blow dry once a week to minimize damage. In summer, my hair practically dries overnight so it’s semi-damp. Blow dries way faster than if it was just washed. Minimized heat damage just with this tip!
  • Speaking of washing, when I wash my hair I add a mix of Argan or Morrocan Oil and Coconut Oil. Then I put it in a bun and it’s ready for blow drying in the morning!
  • I also blow dry first thing in the morning before it gets way too hot. Don’t want to break a sweat while blow drying your hair!
  • A hair care regimen is similar to a skin care regimen. if you want healthy hair, you should start with a great shampoo and conditioner that treats your main hair concerns. Whether it’s damaged hair or if you need more volume, start with a good shampoo and conditioner that helps get the look you want.
  • After a good wash, add a leave in treatment that gives you shine and protects from damage like an Argan Oil or Morrocan Oil.
  • A weekly intensive treatment like a hot oil treatment or one of the many HASK treatments help you continue to fight and repair damage to your hair. I leave it in overnight and then wash out in the morning. Regardless of the weather, if I decide to blow dry that day, I let it sit for an hour or two with it down to air dry a little bit.
  • In summer, don’t forget the SPF on your hair too! Your hair needs protection from the sun especially if you are going to be out all day! If no SPF, a fun summer hat would do fine. Also check out these summer hair styles to protect your hair from sun damage!
  • Healthy hair comes from the inside. Try a multivitamin like Hair Skin & Nails to support your healthy hair growth.

Here you are, my seven tried and true tips on keeping my hair healthy all year long. Especially if you love long hair and want to grow it out.

Do you have any tried and true tips on keeping your hair healthy?

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