A Blogger’s Must Have: Organizada

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I have been blogging for years, before it became mainstream. When I started out my oldest was about 18 months old. I’ve blogged through two jobs, a pregnancy and getting my Bachelor’s degree. Now with two kids, a full time job, and everything else that comes with being a mom and wife, it’s hard to not only squeeze in blogging time but all the stuff that happens behind the scenes: planning out my editorial calendar for the month, collaborating with other bloggers on projects, SEO, ads, sponsored posts, pitching stories and remembering to share all those posts I’ve spent time planning out and writing across social media channels. Because how good is a post if no one reads it right? And even though we try not to do it, as bloggers we can be so ridiculous about our numbers (totally talking about me right now!) and when you are not seeing an ROI it gets so frustrating. Lord knows how many times Sili from My Mamihood has talked me off the ledge. I’m always like I quit! NO MAS! How do I back up all my posts so I can shut this thing down?! And she’s all like noooooo don’t do it! And then I’m like ok I like makeup so I will keep plugging along. Exhausting huh? It’s just exhausting reading it imagine going through all these emotions!

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I swear that she was thinking about me when she built this planner. At first it was electronic and I wrote about it here feel free to check it out, but now it’s a wire bound planner. The beauty of it is that it fits in my purse so I can take it with me and I can start at any month. Plus the second page is a How to Use this Organizer if you need help doing that. If anyone can help you get Organizada it’s Sili because this lady is amazing with excel spreadsheets and organization.

Anyways, you can find a month at a glance, blog at a glance, which is a different thing, you can record blog analytics and social media numbers in one easy place. That way you can check out trends. Contacts– because sometimes I do need to write contact info down for industry folks as easy reference. Plus you always need a backup in case that excel spreadsheet disappears. There’s also an Income and Expenses section which is great and there’s a social sharing portion of it too so that you can see how your social shares are doing. Knowing this info would help you figure out what works best for your blog and help it grow to where you want to be! Everyone’s blogging journey is different, but if you don’t have any goals you could be missing out on growth opportunities! Let’s not forget the weekly calendar to plan and brainstorm! She also gives you her email and twitter if you need any help. Say what?!

Sili is working on a kickstarter right now for Organizada. Let’s help her reach her goal! Check it out here and help her reach her goal! We’ve only got a week to make this happen! Plus if you donate at least $25 you will get a first edition planner all for yourself as soon as it’s funded! Plus you get digital forms via email like the Social Media Tracker Template, Pitch Tracker Template and Conference Itinerary Template. So let’s do this!

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