A Girl Can Dream Right?

If I was a famous singer or actress I would have the most amazing shoe game. I would have one of those closets you envy like Mariah Carey’s. With the shoes in order by color and heel and type. You would always see a gorgeous pair of shoes on my feet (even if they were Air Force Ones!)

Anyway I’m on the Jimmy Choo website (check the blog post title if you’re wondering why) and seriously you should be able to fill out an application and submit a credit check before even entering the site! These shoes are sinful!!! They both would take more than one week’s check of mine. But if I was single and living at home with no bills and places to go? I would gladly blow a week’s check on these shoes. I’m just saying….a girl can dream right? Check these out!


So as you can see besides my love for my Air Force Ones I definitely have a thing for strappy high heels. A latina through and through!

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