Affordable Holiday Makeup Tutorial with Target

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Target, however, all opinions are my own.

The holidays are my favorite. It’s such a special time of year,  you can feel the magic in the air. Although it can be a busy time of year, we make time to celebrate the holidays by getting together with our family and friends. Parrandas for the win!

Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Holiday parties bring out the glam in all of us. Our makeup routines get an upgrade in the form of a red lip, a smokey eye or adding a great pair of lashes to finish up your look. This season, I’ve joined forces with some awesome bloggers courtesy of Target to get you the look you want so that you can be picture ready for all those holiday photos!

Applying false lashes can be a source of frustration or intimidation for some beauty junkies. But I’m here to show you how easy it is to apply your lashes to finish up your holiday look. This makeup tutorial is so easy, you can do it in 4 steps!

The lashes should be the last thing you apply before eyeliner. You should add about five minutes to your regular makeup routine.

1. To avoid a big mess all over the lash, I apply lash glue to the back of my hand. I wait for it to get a bit tacky and then I draw the edge of the lashes through the glue.

Holiday Makeup Tutorial

2. I then blow on the lash to get it to dry a bit before applying to my lash line.

Holiday Makeup Tutorial

3. I apply the lashes from the outside in, making sure that both ends are glued appropriately. This is how you keep the false lashes from falling off before the end of the night!

Holiday Makeup Tutorial

4. After your lashes are on, use your favorite lash curler to blend your natural lash and the false lashes together.

Apply any eyeliner as needed and you are all set!

Holiday Makeup Tutorial

I used all Pixie makeup to complete this look, which can only be found at Target. The lashes are also a Target brand exclusive, Sonia Kashuk. The lashes conveniently come with a glue so you don’t have to search for that separately. They would make a great stocking stuffer for the beauty junkie in your life!

Holiday Makeup Tutorial

To get the look at home, take advantage of the beauty deals at Target! Check out Target’s A Bull’s Eye View for more info on how to get 25% off  beauty purchases on 11/22 (hello savings!) and join us in our Linda Navidad (Beautiful Christmas) beauty challenge!

Parrandas are one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. This is when you go from home to home celebrating with great music and food. (Food is another favorite for me during the holidays!) Let’s start off the holiday season right with a virtual parranda focused on a holiday makeup tutorial! Get your holiday glam makeup on by visiting my other blog friends for some fun beauty tips and tricks!

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