Alicia Keys No Makeup Dividing the Internet

Alicia Keys has been making headlines lately for her refusal to wear makeup. There is even a rumor that her no makeup look is causing a feud with Miley Cirus on The Voice!

Alicia Keys

I totally get that makeup is a personal decision. There are some of us that refuse to wear makeup for whatever personal reason, and there are others that love everything that goes into an Instagram worthy 30 minute beat face. And there are so many in between. I’m here for all of it.

Whatever side of the makeup spectrum you fall in, more power to you. We got no beef. Some days I’m on the no makeup crew and others I’m on the beat face side but mostly I’m in between. Give me mascara and foundation and a little blush on those days I have to go to work and that is good enough for me. I see it as war paint in a way,  a way to get ready for the day that lies before me.

I tried to be down with Alicia Keys on her movement, I totally understand her reasoning behind wanting to accept herself for who she is. And she is beautiful! Just like most of us makeup junkies are! But I don’t believe makeup is just for covering up. For most people, it’s like a good outfit, artful self-expression. Maybe I’m in the smokey eye mood. Maybe I’m in a dark goth lip mood. Both moods are still me and I’m not trying to be somebody I’m not. Nor am I unhappy with myself or my face in any way. It’s important that we realize that most people just love makeup, not that they hate themselves. No judgement zone.

Honestly though, when it comes to Alicia Keys I kind of get it…but when you’re in the public eye I do think that you should be calling that glam squad when it’s time to go to an event, like the MTV Awards. Check this…a supposed source from PerezHilton website…

“Alicia is annoying everyone with her whole makeup thing because it really has an impact on the entire production! She looks washed out and the camera and lighting operators need to adjust everything just for her.”

Now doesn’t this make sense though? Men wear makeup to appear on TV, that’s just how it’s been since the beginning of TV time. They may or may not wear makeup when they are off camera, but on camera it’s a thing. It’s essential that you look natural under all of those lights. To me it sounds like a dress code. You got a job, you probably can’t go to work in your PJs like “let’s get to work”. You probably are expected to be groomed. Most dress codes in jobs I’ve held have a section that discusses grooming and expectations. All I know is everyone in entertainment has a job to do. And it sounds like she is making it harder on everyone else because of a personal decision.

Now if you’re off the clock, do you! Whatever the mood strikes when it comes to your face. But when people are paying you to do a job….I would think that would be part of it. Especially in entertainment when image is just as important as talent.

The internet being what it is, I think most people are upset because they feel she doesn’t even care enough to dress up to a public event. To be honest, I can see her future contracts request that she wear makeup to events etc. And a little BB cream don’t hurt nobody. All I know is, she’s got us all talking.

What do you think about Alicia Keys and her no makeup movement? Sound off in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Alicia Keys No Makeup Dividing the Internet

  1. You made very good points and to a certain extent I agree. Personally, I wear no makeup. But I grew up in a house watching my mother get cute to go out with my father and I’d be mesmerized watching her routine of applying makeup. And for her it was just that, special occasions/going out on wknds. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that and I’d bet Alicia doesn’t either. But today’s society is a far cry from how it used to be. Today, makeup is the norm rather than the exception. Also, the means a lot of women are going to to get “that look” is ridiculous. Nowadays if you’re not wearing makeup, you’re frowned upon, which should not be the case. Makeup is a choice, and the way it’s being glamorized, and the way people are acting like it’s taboo if you don’t wear it (such as in this case with Alicia) it’s showing women (or making them think/feel) that it’s not OK to be their natural selves…that their natural selves isn’t good enough. So what Alicia is causing double work for lighting issues…I’m sure she’s not the first individual being catered to. I agree in the sense that maybe it’s expected of her to have a certain look, as compared to us with our jobs and a “dress code”. But I’d say that if the state of glamour wasn’t as far off the grid as it is now with the whole makeup thing, she probably wouldn’t be doing this right now. And I know many wear makeup just because they want to, but unfortunately, as much as some may deny it, or maybe not even know it, many wear it out of lack of confidence. It ranges from totally transforming their faces to look like a totally different person, to covering up things they don’t like on their faces, to trying to lighten up or darken skin, etc. Meanwhile, just like there’s this uproar about Alicia’s right (let’s not forget it is her right to forego wearing makeup on HER face), it will only get worse and worse as time passes. That is the future that our young girls will have to face. I think that is what this movement is about. I don’t think it’s makeup wearing women vs non-makeup wearing women. It’s much bigger than that. Women who wear makeup are getting offended based off Alicia’s moves. How does that even make sense? People were actually insulting her and saying vulgar and mean things about her because she chose not to wear makeup. That is one of the many things wrong with society today.

    1. People like to hide behind their computers and throw insults at everyone they can. I mean they called Blue Ivy ugly and she’s a little girl!!! But I agree with a commenter on the facebook page…let Alicia Keys look washed out then on TV and not cater to her since this is a personal decision for her. At the end of the day she is in the public eye so she will be subject to hateful comments along with supporting ones about her decisions. People feel they have a right to comment because of it. There are a lot of celebrities that are very natural with their makeup too. Not everyone has a full face on all the time. She’s never been known to have an extremely made up look even with makeup on. Im curious to see where this goes.

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