The Most Amazing Lipstick That Lasts All Day!

It’s no secret that I am a makeup junkie. Specifically lipstick. After Christmas, the Selena by MAC collection went back in stock and I ended up purchasing what was left. Seriously it was 8:30am EST and most things were sold out. But I scored two Amor Prohibido lipsticks and I was super excited about it. A few days later I log in to check the tracking and it said my order was cancelled. CANCELLED! So I called MAC to see what was going on and they were saying my credit card didn’t go through and I had 48 hours to fix it. I probably just entered the numbers wrong in my excitement to cash out. They were all “we sent you an email”. But they didn’t. So fine.

lipstick junkie

Meanwhile one of my girlfriends were dying to show me this new lipstick she’s selling. And since I now had some extra cash from the MAC purchase not going through, I decided to check it out. I mean hey, it’s got a money back guarantee so why not? I’ve never heard of it before either.

It’s called LipSense and it literally stays on for over 12 hours. Through lunch, dinner, etc. It was amazing when I tried it and I want more colors. So in order to get some monies back from all the monies I’m spending, I’ve decided to sell the lipstick!

Lipstick Junkie

Let me tell you, I don’t consider myself much of a salesman. I’ve been recruited to try and sell other things like It Works and shampoo and people are all like “join my team” but I just felt kind of meh about the product. With this, I was so impressed and showing everyone how I can touch my lips or even run a finger through my lips and show how it does not budge! I’m so excited about this lipstick guys! In a way I feel like only I can get excited lol. But I’m sure I’m not the only lipstick junkie out here.

lipstick Junkie

If you want to try this lipstick out, you can ask to join my closed Facebook Group Mami’s Lipstick Junkies. I’m hoping to go live in the group to show how it works, sharing what’s currently in stock and how you can use it! You have to apply three layers before the moisturizing gloss on top (there’s a bunch of different glosses you can use) and you can customize your color by changing it up in between layers! Also you would get a different look even if you used two colors in different ways.

Like color A+Color B+Color A will give you a different result than Color A+Color A Color B or BBA or BAB. I also love that as long lasting as it is, it doesn’t dry as much as matte lipstick does but literally lasts all day long. I apply it in the morning am still playing with it around 3pm and it doesn’t budge. By playing with it, I mean running my fingers across and checking it. I’m all…. “How about now? How about now?”

In the past 8 years (almost 9!!) of blogging, I’ve had the opportunity to review so many products including lipstick. Some I’ve loved some not so much. I’m telling you this is the best thing I’ve ever tried!

2017-01-12 19.05.45

I was going to do a video to go along with this post but I’ve spent my entire weekend doing DIY’s at home. I don’t even know who I am anymore lol. But I ended up refinishing the dresser I purchased on Craigslist for $10 (post to follow soon!) and hemming curtains in my kitchen (finally) so that the curtains above my sink can match the other two windows. I am still a beginner, especially when sewing, so I used hemming tape and they look amazing. I would love to take some classes in sewing but right now I need to put my office/makeup room back together. I just need a chair and a rug and I’m done!

But back to this lipstick! I’m exciting to be selling this and I hope you’re as excited as I am to try it out! I was going to add a video but I deleted it off my phone. I posted it in the group though so you can see it there!

Hope to see you over at Mami’s Makeup Junkies!

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