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If you have just found my blog you might not have read a post I’ve written about decorating on a budget. I still haven’t made my over to Joanne’s to get the materials for my projects! But in the meantime I do have another cheap decorating idea for you.

With the change of seasons you might be thinking of updating a room in your house. If that room happens to be your living room you can easily change the look and pull it all together by adding some throw pillows. Pillows are an easy way to experiment with different looks because they are so cheap. You can get cheap throw pillows in any size at Target for under $20. You can also change the pillows from season to season and keep the room looking fresh. Also for under $20 if you are good with a needle and thread (or a sewing machine) you can go to your favorite fabric store and make your own. You can get a huge bag of filling for around $5 and you can always find some type of fabric on sale.

Don’t fall for those “household” fabrics that cost about $20 a yard. Unless you’re re-covering outside furniture you just don’t need to spend that much. Also I recommend going into the store, never buy fabric online. It just seems like a better idea to actually feel the fabric and make sure it’s something you’d like. Cotton is always good for throw pillows because you can toss it in the wash with no problem if you have any spills. With kids I’m sure we all live in a world of spills!! If you want to do some nice throw pillows for your bedroom you can kick it up a notch with something like satin. But remember this type of fabric would be for a more intermideate sewer since it can snag on the machine. You can always find info on your fabric on the top or bottom of the”bolt” (that carton thing the fabric is wrapped around) It should tell you care instructions or type of fabric. If in doubt ask the person at the counter!

BTW if you don’t like your fabric once you get it home, JoAnn Fabrics lets you return it as long as it hasn’t been cut once you got it home and you have a receipt. I bought a beautiful snowflake fabric I thought was going to go great in my living room. I was definitely wrong! It’s nice to know you wouldn’t be wasting money on fabric you won’t use! So are you a sewer? I would love to see some pics! It might serve as inspiration for other Mami’s!

Another quick tip…For a cheap decorating idea try Cheap bar stools with adjustable height in beige.

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