Another Money Saving Tip!

We are all on a pretty tight budget considering our paychecks aren’t getting much bigger but everything is getting much more expensive. Why not share magazine subscriptions? You can recycle your magazines and save money by sharing your subscriptions with family and friends with the same interests.

I always feel terrible about tossing a mag after I’ve read it. I mean it’s only been read once, what a waste! Even if I am tossing it in the recycle bin! So a BFF of mine just had another baby and I give my Baby mag to her when I’m done reading it. My SIL is into crafting and decorating like I am so I give her my Better Homes and Gardens Mag when I’m done with it. My mother is a hairdresser so I share my Latina mags for her to use in her waiting areas. This way I feel like I’m really recycling them. You can also get your Bff to subscribe to Latina (for example) and you to Better Homes and Gardens and then you can trade when you are done with it. I also give my BFF the Vibe mag when I’m done reading it.

Also if you decide not to do this or don’t know of anyone that has your same interests you can keep a notebook with the clippings you liked off your fave mag. I like to keep my care instructions for what I plant in my garden. You can also clip design ideas, instructions on how to do things like make a cushion and that way when you’re ready to start a project it would be all in one place. Then you can recycle the rest of the mag and reduce clutter.

I’m off to clip my magazines!

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