Another Telenovela Update

I see everyone likes to read my little updates so here goes this week’s update:

The evil wench has succeeded in separating her son Alejandro from Millie by making Millie believe they are brother and sister. The evil wench’s brother found out the truth about who Alejandro’s father is and blackmailed her to give her shares of the company stock (all of them!) to her nephew Hugo. Alejandro stepped down from the presidency of the company. I feel terrible for him because first his grandmother dies, doesn’t leave him a dime and then his mother gave her shares away so he has nothing. His step father hates him and isn’t going to give him anything when he dies. Not that he knows that’s his step father anyway. But he said he did have some savings.

Now everyone is interested in Millie. Hugo almost married her a while ago but the wedding was stopped. He’s still interested in her and his father is backing him up due to the fact that she’s no longer a servant but a rich girl. There’s a clause in the inheritance that says she will get a monthly living expense of 20,000 Mexican pesos per month but won’t get the lump sum until she marries.

Back to Alejandro. He’s suffering because Millie wants nothing to do with him but won’t tell him why. I can’t believe his mother would stoop that low. But Alejandro told her she’s lost a son and he doesn’t want anything to do with her. So he’s marrying some chick that entered the picture in like two weeks and they are moving far away.
I don’t think that the secret of who is his real father will be kept that way for long. Turns out his real father (the one night stand of his mother) is the priest’s brother! Alejandro’s stepfather (Constancio) thought his father was some other guy that died but he’s about to find out the true identity of the father. Since the priest keeps requesting the truth come out they told him he’s no longer welcome in the house. OOOHHHHH the DRAMA!

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