August Favorites

August Favorites

My favorites will be a series I post when I want to share what I am obsessing over. In the beginning of the year I tried doing a sidebar thing that showed my favorites posts for the month. That was too much work so that didn’t last long. Smile Instead, I figured I can start a new monthly series with what my favorites are, or what I am obsessing over for the current month.

This month I’m obsessing over AKA My Favorites:

1. Kiera Cass’s Series, The Selection is such a great and easy summer read. If you haven’t read this series yet you need to pick it up. I read the first book while on vacation and finished it in about a day. I let my friend borrow it too when she was on vacation andmy favorites Selection-Elite-One

she read it in about the same time frame. And she’s looking for book 2 right now to give you an idea of how addicting it is. I am in the middle of book 2 now. It’s similar to the Hunger Games, a futuristic (but not sci-fi) story about the new America after World War 3. There are also a caste system from 1(Royalty) to 8 (Homeless).  She’s a 4 in love with an 7 who ended up picked in the selection running for a chance to marry the Prince (who’s a 1). It’s so beautifully written. Read it. You’re welcome.

2. My favorite telenovela right now, Lo Imperdonable.

Lo Imperdonable

Back in the beginning of my blogging days, I loved to share my recaps of my favorite novelas that I was currently watching. Now I’m just too busy to recap especially when it’s an hour show five days a week. I finally finished watching El Chivo and this novela Lo Imperdonable is a new fave. I think it’s the reason I haven’t finished my book yet. I binge watch whenever I can! It’s a good love story. You can catch me watching on anything that has a wifi connection…my phone my laptop or the iPad. It’s currently playing on Univision.

3. gold folder

Grown Up School Supplies. Every time it’s back to school time I’m such a nerd that I have to pick something up. It’s my favorite time of year, between school supplies and fall fashion I’m in heaven! Even before my oldest started school. It could have been just a pen or a folder. This year it was a dozen gold and cream folders from Target. I took some to work to keep my office cute and chic. I’m such a nerd, but I love it! I need new pens but I need to shop for school supplies for the kid first before I spend his whole budget on my own back to school supplies!

4. Speaking of my office, doesn’t this succulent phone planter DIY look so amazingly chic and unique? GAH!

Screenshot 2015-08-22 22.46.44

5. Planner.


I’m all about a pretty planner and I love the idea of organizing with stickers and color coding. I had a planner for the blog and one for bills but to keep it simple I consolidated and am now color coding blog ideas, bills and my kid’s calendar. For next year, I want one like this with pockets and removable pages.

6. Mapping my progress

map your progress

Ok, who’s going to get me one of these cute canvas maps? For only $20, you can hang this anywhere for inspiration to lose weight or save money or even pay debt down.  You can check out how it works here. Every swirl can represent anything you’d like! I’m thinking of getting a heart shaped one that I can color with the amount of savings we have towards our new home. I think it would be great motivation to see it on my wall every day! (and keep me from shopping on all the things I love.) You can get a 10 swirl artwork all the way to a 365 swirl art work to color.

What have you been obsessing over? I realize I didn’t have any beauty or fashion items on this list! That must be a first!

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