Balayge Hair & Ombre Hair Roundup

Ombre hair

I had a nice ombre look a few years ago right before I got pregnant with the second one. I loved it because bleach tends to kill your hair and with ombre hair, only a section of your hair gets bleached. How much bleach you use is depending on you and the look you are going for. You can go from super subtle with a dark brown to light brown ombre to super dramatic with a very bright blonde at the bottom or even try a bit of the rainbow at the ends. I love the dark to bright red ombre as well.

Balayge is a little different as it doesn’t concentrate totally on the ends, it’s kind of light highlights but less planned. If you notice the difference, balayge works horizontally instead of vertically like the ombre. Now that I’m back to dark hair I’m going to experiment a bit with the ends and do some bleach. And I’m doing it myself since I spent over $200 on my ombre last time I did it. It was gorg, but I don’t want to spend that when I can drive down the street to Sally’s and consult my Hair DIY book and do it myself.

I’m thinking of something possibly a little bit higher up than this…

ombre hair

Although I love this as well…

ombre hair

I love the brighter ends, but I think I’m going to go with the first one of Kendall (or Kylie) because I can experiment with hair chalk and different colors that way.


Are you changing your hair at all this spring? What are you thinking of doing?

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