Beauty Oops!

What was your biggest beauty oops? I remember I was about 20 or 21 and I wanted to lighten my hair. If you haven’t seen the picture I have at the bottom my hair is dark black. And I wanted to be what I call “Jlo brown”. So thinking I knew what I was doing because my mom’s a hairdresser (so I should have learned everything by osmosis!) I went to the local beauty supply store and got my bleach and developer. A friend of mine was supposed to come over to do it and didn’t. I got impatient so I just mixed it (without measuring!!) and threw it on. Needless to say I ended up tiger striped! It was terrible! And I had to go to work like that for a whole week! She couldn’t fix it until the following weekend. I did like the end result though. But looking back I was definitely asking for it! I’m still not allowed to buy bleach unless my mom is present. But I definitely learned my lesson and I do have one of those measuring things they use at the salon to color hair.

Before this episode I was in 8th grade and decided I wanted to pluck my eyebrows. I have thick eyebrows. So I took my daddy’s razor (yes a razor…I did mention I was in 8th grade Dios Mio!) and went for it. Needless to say (again) it was a disaster. Worse, I started wearing my bangs in the front to cover each eyebrow. But I parted it in the middle and made them curly. Don’t ask. It was the 90’s. I thought I was cool with it though!

After this episode but before the hair disaster I decided to try and go to a professional to get my eyebrows done. I’m trying again here because my eyebrows are pretty thick. This time I’m in high school I would say junior or senior year. So I go with a friend of mine and we both get them done. WAXED. Mind you I mentioned in the facial post that I have acne prone SENSITIVE skin. Well I get my eyebrows done and it looks like I have cheap makeup on. My face was that red. For hours. Hours! Never went back there again. They did turn out nice after the redness and swelling went down.  Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself! Lol!

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