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purely you mineralspurely you minerals

I received a few Purely You Minerals beauty products for review and I love it. These products are all natural and they are produced at smaller quantities to maintain high standards. This lip gloss was my favorite (you know I am already a lip gloss junkie) because it smelled and tasted like peppermint and it didn’t get feathery. I had to apply my sample with a lip brush and I usually prefer a gloss with a wand. The full size gloss at $7, comes with a wand and I did like the very natural look the gloss in Ochre left behind. Please excuse my chipped polish…beauty fail! It’s made with Vitamin E which is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin.


purely you minerals

The other gloss I tried was Tutti Frutti. It’s a very pretty pink color perfect for spring. I used the flash so you could see the flecks in the color. So pretty! And it tastes yummy as well!

purely you minerals

The gloss in Berry Red looks like it would be a great addition to my lip gloss collection! Check out the Purely You Minerals web site for a complete look at their collection.

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  1. You have gorgeous lips! Mine are a little on the thin side. I am actually the formulator/owner of Purely You. I’m thrilled that you like my lip gloss! I put a lot of love into them. I just want you to know that they do also contain Rose Hip Seed Oil which has fabulous anti-aging, restorative properties. I love your blog!

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