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creative storage

This month’s task from Lowe’s was creative storage solutions. I was racking my brain on this one because we definitely need some creative storage in my house. Especially since after Christmas it looks like Santa’s Workshop threw up all over. Christmas can be so pretty with the tree and decorations and the presents all neatly wrapped under the tree. Then comes the aftermath of ripped paper, toy packaging and everything else you can think of. It took forever for my house to get back to some kind of normal. At least our normal!

So for my creative storage solutions I decided to task hubby with making under the crib storage for the kid’s room. The crib is lower to the floor so I wanted something longer but shallow. Here’s what we went to Lowe’s to purchase:

  • Plywood (why waste good wood in a kid’s room!)
  • Wood glue
  • Screws
  • creative storage

    Just wanted to give a quick tip to let you know that if you want to buy a sheet of wood from Lowe’s but you’re afraid it doesn’t fit in your car, you can get the helpful associates to cut it into any sizes you’d like. We got it cut in thirds which was a perfect fit in our small SUV. So don’t let that stop you from getting your DIY on!

    We (as in hubby) had to work down in the basement because the weather has been ridiculously cold here in Rochester. I gave him my idea and picked out all the supplies. And he made it happen.

    Honestly this is the most customizable project we’ve done to date. You can really make it as high or long as you want. Square or more rectangle. We went with a more rectangle finish. As long as the two sides parallel to each other are the same size, you will get a great finished product.

    After cutting to size the four pieces needed to make the square, we used wood glue to keep all the sides together. Again due to the cold, we let it dry overnight and then screwed in the pieces together. Afterwards we added the drawer pulls by drilling two holes in the middle of the wood. We also used wheels for each of the four corners of the drawer so the kids could easily pull it out from under the bed.

    creative storage

    I liked the way this turned out. I wanted it to be a bit shallow so things don’t get lost in the bottom of the drawer. I used it for plush dolls to make it safer for my 14 month old. I want to put contact paper at the bottom to hide the glue spills but I want to see how the kids play around it first!

    Extra project

    So I was still in the creative storage solutions mode and we had some scrap left over. I got five knob drawer pulls from Lowe’s and added them to a piece of scrap. I hung it on the wall with my favorite Command strips and it became an instant jewelry holder! In the picture you will see the wall in my bedroom. We are already hard at work for February’s project so you get a sneak peak at the new color of the wall. I couldn’t figure out if I should wrap the jewelry holder with fabric, or modge podge and scrap paper. Both ideas are much simpler than painting and making a mess. But I want to wait until the room is done before I decide what might look best. This cost me just $5 for the knobs! Now I see everything tangle free right in front of me!

    creative storage

    How did you like this month’s project? I can’t wait to share my bedroom it was the most neglected room in the house!

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