Been Quiet Around These Parts

Is this thing on? It’s been ages between blog posts…I’m not going to give you any excuses but…

Ok I’m going to give you excuses.

My husband has debo’d my laptop. I feel like we’re going to have to come up with some kind of custody agreement for the use of the laptop. We have others but they are old, clunky and lose wifi. NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.


So I was able to write a little bit before Debo comes to take the laptop. Currently collecting cans for a new one. I’ve tried using the iPad with a wireless keyboard and…NO. ME. GUSTA. Someone send help. Who lives like this??? (insert first world problems here)

Besides the fact that my entire mental energy has been used on running my SeneGence business along with the total craziness of the world *cough* Trump *cough* and

now two kids in school…pray for me. Just light them candles up! Let’s not forget about my new makeup business (I actually got a website and everything ya’ll. Be proud.)

Some days I’m wondering how I’m still standing. Because let’s not forget I work full time. FULL TIME. So the blog suffers a bit because my creativity suffers a bit. And also because my creativity is cheating on the blog with the direct sales business. I can’t tell you how much I love doing what I do. I would have never thought I would have a direct sales business but here I am….slinging these lipsticks and having a great old time. I’m thinking of new ways to do this thing on a daily basis.

But I do miss the sound of the keys on the keyboard and awesome feeling of accomplishment when I hit publish. It’s been almost ten years ya’ll. And although this game has changed many times than I can count, especially during the last five years, I’m just going to stay here in my lane and keep doing me. I hope you continue to join me!

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