The Best Thing for Dry Skin!

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Winters are brutal in Western NY. So much so that right now, my hands, my lips and my cuticles are all dry. My legs too but I don’t care because they are covered up until spring! I’m so excited to work with Vaseline to share how their Essential Healing Lotion is perfect for my family!

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But we have to make the most of it right? We still try to enjoy our harsh winters by drinking our hot cocoa, by going to local indoor play facilities to let the kids blow off some steam. Who doesn’t love an indoor water park? Spoiler alert…me. I do not love an indoor water park. Matter of fact, I hate it. The chlorine stink is trapped up in there and let’s not talk about how it adds to my dry skin issues!

The cold, dry air doesn’t just affect me though. It affects my entire family! It’s my job as mom to protect my kids from the harsh cold and keep their skin hydrated (Indoor water park or not!) Vaseline®  Intensive Care™ Essential Healing Lotion helps me do that on a dime! I love that Vaseline® Essential Healing can be used daily, and you can find it at mass retailers, including Walmart.


My oldest loves taking the hottest showers which makes his skin even drier than most. It doesn’t matter how much I nag him to stop, he enjoys his showers that way. Every morning while I’m getting ready for work, both of my kids are getting ready for school/daycare with me in the bathroom. Part of my oldest son’s morning routine is putting lotion on his arms and legs to try and beat the dry skin. I’ve seen quite a bit of improvement since he’s started using the Vaseline® Essential Healing. No one likes rough dry skin and the Vaseline® Essential Healing lotion leaves skin moisturized and healthy looking. He’s a basketball player so this time of year, he’s in shorts in a gym. I don’t want him to be distracted from getting those buckets by thinking about his little ashy legs! I find that the deep healing moisturizers plus Vaseline Jelly absorbs pretty well and it helps heal his dry skin without making it greasy. Those hands can’t let go of that basketball!


He absolutely loves the way it smells. I tend to buy lotions that I know he would wear even though it’s for the entire family to use. One less thing to nag him to remember to do. He hates smelling like a baby so Vaseline® Essential Healing is perfect for my almost ten year old. (Side note…can you believe he will be ten in less than 30 days?!) All he cares about is that it smells good, but I care that the Vaseline® Essential Healing leaves skin deeply moisturized and looking noticeably healthier!

You already know I’ve added the Vaseline Essential Healing to my purse. I need to find a travel size version that I can take with me. Never mind that my purse is as big as an overnight bag so it fits a regular bottle easily!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vaseline® Intensive Care™

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