Jane the Virgin | Chapter 10 Recap

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin finally came back from their winter hiatus and I couldn’t wait to watch. Of course I had to wait until this morning and watch it on Hulu on the iPad but I take what I can get. Totally worth it though it was a great episode, as usual! This is why this show won so many awards so far this year.

So chapter 9 left off with Jane’s grandmother. She was thrown down the stairs by the biatch of Natalia/Petra’s mom. And we don’t even know if abuela is going to be ok if or when she wakes up. Everyone is praying. Rafael on the other hand was having a good day. He got Petra/Natalia to sign the divorce papers (finally) and he’s managing the hotel during his dad’s absence even though it is in the middle of a tropical storm. Jane though isn’t having the best time, her grandmother is in the hospital, she is stuck at the hotel and her besties have basically turned their back on her. Since her dad is rich and so is her baby daddy I guess her friends don’t see her as one of them.

Is Rafael’s father sin rostro? I knew that Rafael was definitely not sin rostro, but never thought that his father might be the one Jane’s ex has been looking all over for. Michael’s police work may have gotten him sin rostro hideout under a tub in the bathroom. Well if the definition of police work is about to bang your partner in the hotel bathroom. Those two sure love mixing business with pleasure.

While laying in the hospital unconscious not knowing if she is going to be ok or not, abuela is about to be deported. I love that this show touches on immigration reform. Basically the doctor was like we’ve contacted ICE and they will pick her up and deport her back to Guatemala where she will continue to receive care. So heartless, they won’t even care for her until she gets better and then ship her back. They were going to ship her back just like that! how awful. Poor abuela.

While Michael and Jane are stuck in an elevator she hears the news over the radio that abuela might get deported. I haven’t liked Michael since he was conspiring with Petra/Natalia to get rid of the baby or give it to her and Rafael. Of course now that Rafael and Jane are together Michael has made it his entire job to prove that Rafael is sin rostro. At least being stuck on an elevator gets him out of Rafael’s face.

You know what though? Michael gets some cool points. One, for knowing all of Jane’s stories…the whole thing with the Rosary and abuela was super cute. Also, the fact that he pulled strings to make sure abuela didn’t get deported was nice. Rafael didn’t even know all that was going on! So he’s winning me back a bit. Just a bit. Because if you’re pining away for someone and waiting for her to possibly return you wouldn’t be banging your partner during police investigations. Just saying.

What did you think of this past week’s episode?

Walter Mercado Gives us the Spiritual Info for a Great 2015

In between finding you love on these harsh internets with Passion Latinos, Walter Mercado has given us his recommendations on the rituals we need to do for an amazing 2015 broken down by astrological sign. If you don’t know who Walter Mercado is, chances are you were not raised in a Latino household but that’s fine I can catch you up. You definitely don’t want to miss this, at it is true entertainment. Let it be known that Walter’s astrology was aired during an otherwise serious newscast every single day. And you knew better not to disturb your mami or tia/auntie when this came on as they treasured it like their child’s very life.

walter meme

So my recommendation is…

Como tú eres un signo de fuego necesitas encender velas en tu casa con sumo cuidado y precaución. Enciende velas  azules o rojas. Los rojos dedícaselos a Santa Bárbara o a San Miguel Arcángel. Nada más sagrado y de más suerte que la limpieza espiritual de fin de año. Sobre tu mesa de comedor no puede faltar una cesta de frutas en nombre de la Madre Cósmica, al lado de esta cesta vas a colocar también una fuente de cristal con agua, le echas pétalos de rosas rojas y tres velas flotantes que encenderás a las 12 de la medianoche por la paz mundial, por tu salud y las de tus seres queridos y por la prosperidad. Recuerda que toda ofrenda se carga de energía positiva. Para la celebración de fin de año, vístete de color azul y lleva contigo una turquesa, tu piedra de buena suerte.

Tu baño espiritual para la buena suerte, debe llevar hojas de guayabo, “rompe saragüey”, salvia, albahaca, menta, curía y todas las plantas medicinales y sagradas que puedas conseguir. Con algunas de las plantas que te sobren déjalas secar y prepara un incienso o sahumerio agregándole pétalos de flores, mirra, frankincense, estoraque y así purificas todo tu hogar a la vez que vas orando para que todas las energías negativas del año 2014 desaparezcan.

This is truly pure gold. So basically since I am a fire sign (Sagittarius) I should light blue or red candles in my home as a precaution. I have to dedicate my red ones to St. Barbara or St. Miguel. I also should have a bowl of fruit on my dining room table as tribute for the Cosmic Mother along with a crystal water fountain which I have to pour pink rose petals and three floating candles. (didn’t I tell you this was pure entertainment!?) Also I can’t light the floating candles until midnight for world peace, for my family’s and my health and for prosperity. Walter’s telling me I need to wear blue for New Year’s Eve festivities along with a turquoise for good luck.

Also his recommendation for my spiritual bath include leaves from a guava tree (I’m saying where in the world am I going to find this in Western NY???) “rompe saraguey”…que what? Seems like I’m screwed with this New Year cleansing since I have no clue what that means and can’t add it to my water. Well there’s also mints and stuff that I can add to this cleansing bath along with any holy medicines that I can find. Apparently I also have to learn to make incense with the left overs from this guava tree leaf so I can burn it along with some other things in order to purify my home. While doing this I have to pray so the negative energies leave my house in 2014. I’m saying…how can I watch the ball drop if I’m busy doing all of this? Because it doesn’t sound like it’s going to take me a few minutes. And I tend to have no follow through. This is something I hope to work on in 2015.

Is this why I’m still not rich and famous? Because if Walter says so then it must be for real. At least he’s still wishing me love…

walter mercado meme 1

To read your 2015 ritual, check out el Nuevo Dia. Do you have any rituals for a great New Year? If it doesn’t involve guava leaf let me know so I can try it!

Jane the Virgin | Latinos on TV

Jane the Virgin

While everyone is talking about Kim Kardashian "breaking the internet" I’ve been busy watching this new show Jane the Virgin. My goodness this show is hilarious. My TV at home is permanently on Disney or WWE. Watching the most girliest of shows is how I get my workouts done and I look forward to watching. I know I should totally be writing posts about Black Friday deals or the best holiday beauty buys (and that’s coming soon I promise).

I’ve heard so many good things about this show and needed some comedy to lighten up all the drama with La Viuda Negra. This is the best show! And with hottie Jamie Camil in it how can it go wrong? Here are more ways I love this show:

  • I love that abuela talks only in Spanish. See, I had to call her abuela, not grandma, because that’s her name.
  • Similar to my favorite show Gossip Girl, there’s a narrator. Who’s also hilarious and sounds like Antonio Banderas. I seriously had to check the credits to make sure it wasn’t him.
  • The names on the show are soooo Latinalicious! I had to borrow that saying from Mig at Latina on a Mission. Although her name is Jane, her mom’s name is Xiomara. You don’t see that on TV often so I have to celebrate! Jane’s baby daddy’s name is Rafael Solano. And Jaime Camil’s character’s name is Rogelio de la Vega. I won’t tell you what Jaime’s character is/does in case you haven’t watched yet and I don’t want to ruin it for you*.
  • As a fellow type A personality I can totally relate to Jane. But it shows how you plan everything to a T and then something unexpected happens. "You can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather". Yes I just quoted Andre 3000. Don’t judge.
  • The one liners though?! OMG. "The best way to reach me is through Twitter" Jamie Camil "Mom I had a dream last night." "What like a Martin Luther King kind of thing?" DEAD.

My one question that I think everyone has is….is Gina Rodriguez (who plays Jane) related to Michelle Rodriguez? Because my goodness the similarities are striking! While watching episode after episode I’m thinking this chick is so familiar to me and then there it is! I know you see it too! After doing some googling, Michelle is half Puerto Rican half Dominican from Texas and Gina is Puerto Rican from Chicago. There goes that. I could have sworn they were sisters.

Watch, or forever be in regret for not watching. I may just be recapping these since I’ve caught up and it’s only once a week show. I loved recapping my telenovelas, but since that was a five day a week thing I just couldn’t keep up!

*Because you must watch. I’m totally not getting paid to say that BTW. Because you can watch free on CW.

Telenovela La Viuda Negra

La viuda negra, black widow, griselda blanco
I haven’t done a telenovela recap in years! But it’s hard when your TV is on WWE or Disney channel non stop. I watch all my telenovelas online on Hulu. Usually it’s when I’m working out on the elliptical or now that it’s football season I watch on my iPad on Sundays while football is on TV.

Griselda Blanco is a 70’s Colombian crime boss they used to call “the godmother”. This telenovela is loosely based on her life in the 70’s and 80’s. They used to call her black widow because she has been known to kill her husbands or boyfriends. This chick lived until her 60’s when she was shot in the head in a drive by. She passed away in 2012. It boggles my mind to think she was able to stay alive that long. They attributed so many murders to her!

The story is written very well and now there’s talks about it turning into a movie. There’s also the great 70’s and 80’s fashion as they are staying so true to that era. Loving it! I’m just sad that Catherine Zeta Jones will be playing Griselda Blanco and not a Latina actress. I can see Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz or even Sofia Vergara playing this role. I’m not sure if this is a rumor or not but we will see.

I may or may not recap this one since it ended this summer. But if you haven’t watched it the entire show is available on Hulu and I guarantee it will grab you from the very beginning. Can you call it a telenovela if there’s no true romance in it? It’s very action packed!

Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias on Tour! Who’s Going? #STSA

Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias tourDisclosure: I participated in Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for Cricket Wireless. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.

Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias are out on tour right now sponsored by Cricket Wireless. Do you remember your first concert? The energy from the crowd and the artists on stage was electrifying! Now, concerts take it to the next level! Cricket Wireless are going to give you something to smile about if you are headed to the Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias concert. They are enhancing the fan experience by setting up some major items like:

A Cricket Stage. This is a 10 x 20 stage that you can find at selected tour stops. Fans can hop up on this stage and give their best pose to share on social media! Those photos will be entered into a sweepstakes where a winner and their 3 guests will get a trip to the Miami Latin Grammy Street Party. All I’m saying is, if you win…don’t forget about yours truly! Plus you get free ear buds courtesy of Cricket just for participating! Bonus!

There’s also going to be a backstage VIP area where you can meet and greet Pitbull or Enrique and take photos with them, a selfie station in the ladies room so you can snap selfies and post all over your social media! #WishYouWereHere I know I wish I was!

Not only can you win on the Cricket Stage, you have another chance to win a trip to the Pitbull and Enrique tour stop in Atlanta, meet Enrique in person and ask him all the questions your little heart desires!

Plus at high traffic spots in the tour venue, there will be holograms of Enrique and Pitbull you can take selfies with!

I’ve been to some concerts but nothing as fun as this! All the extras sound like a great time just don’t spend too much time doing all this, there’s also the actual concert to check out! They are both some great entertainers so you can’t miss that. I’d love to see Pitbull in concert, love his sense of fashion and catchy lyrics on great beats. Anyone going to the Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias tour this fall?

Rita Moreno Graces Glam Belleza Latina’s Cover

GBL Summer 2014 CoverWho doesn’t love Rita Moreno? I still watch West Side Story to this day. She paved the way for Latinas that weren’t really on the big screen back then. Some (like Rita Hayworth) had to change their names in order to sound less Latina?! Don’t believe me? Google it! 😉

Rita Moreno reminisces in this month’s Glam Belleza Latina. Here’s a bit of the interview below.

Check out quotes from Rita’s interview below:


Rita on her career-making March 1954 Life cover…

“It was very Latina.”


Rita on her 1962 Oscar win for West Side Story (a Latina first!)…

“I was so astonished that I’d won!”


Rita on her early typecasting…

“I hated the dark makeup, being barefoot – all of it.”


Rita on her small but mighty role as a call girl in 1971’s Carnal Knowledge

It was a brilliantly written and dark scene but very hard to do.”


Rita on one of her favorite icons, Elizabeth Taylor…

“I had no [Latinas] to look up to back then. It’s crazy that I’m a role model now.”

To read more, check out Glam Belleza Latina

World Cup 2014 Baby Names- Top 10

Hunks That Will Inspire Names Internationally Would you give your sport-watching husband full authority to choose your baby name?  Well, you might not mind what he decides.  Only once every 4 years does the entire world come together in such a spectacular event as the World Cup.  What’s consistently the most internationally televised sporting event, you can bet that 2014 babies will be highly influenced by the stars of this high-profile competition.  Sport stars are no strangers to influencing baby names trends, but it’s rare to have an international stage where one name can be popular across cultures and continents. At baby names site Name Dropper, they’ve selected the top 10 stars that will without a doubt influence baby names for the next 4 years to come (For men or women).  Eat your heart out, ladies, here they are:

Lionel– Lionel Messi, considered one of the best soccer players of all time, the young Argentinian has brought back an almost forgotten name.
Cristiano – Cristiano Ronaldo is the heartthrob of professional soccer.  Striking good looks, Brazilian charm, and amazing athleticism has brought unique attention to this latin version of a traditional name.
Gareth – The handsome player from Wales, Gareth Bale has a name fit for Hollywood.  The Real Madrid star is making waves with this masculine and English name.
Xabi– Although uncommon, Xabi might be one of the most unique names we’ve loved in a long time.  Xabi Alonso of Spain is not only known for his rugged good looks, but a huge playmaker for the top team in the world.
Philipp – An adorable name that sparks thoughts of European royalty, Philipp Lahm of Germany has reminded us how strong the name truly is.  Captain of the national team, we’ll see how far this classic name travels around the world
Arjen – Hailing from the Netherlands, Arjen Robben aka “The Flying Dutchman” is one of the coolest names coming out of World Cup 2014.  A perfect mix of ‘bad boy’ and traditional.
Zlatan – What good be better than a Swedish baby name?  Well, one inspired by the long-haired French club soccer star, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.  The national captain just might make this unique name international
Fabian – The American defender, adorned with a fabulous Italian name, Fabian Johnson has been the talk of the US World Cup Team.  Only 26, this clean cut, yet rugged player helps demonstrate the chic and tough elements of the name.
Clint– Referred as “Captain America”, Clint Dempsey is a Texas born star that is making waves among international players.  The striker is creating fear from other teams, and has brought back a masculine yet simple name.
David – Who hasn’t dreamed of David Beckham?  The hip and stylish star who looks better off the field in an Armani suit than in a jersey, he’s almost single-handedly brought back this religious name.

Although we won’t know which names become popular in which countries, it’s safe to say there will be distinct soccer-edge to babies this year.  So, is this the year we let our husbands give the name? Which do you prefer?

Ravit Dayan is one of the writers for Belly Ballot http:/babynames.net, which makes baby names more social and fun.  In under 2 minutes, parents can choose their favorite names and invite friends and family to vote via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Belly Ballot has been featured on NPR, Washington Post, The Ryan Seacrest Show, USA Today, Parenting Magazine, etc. and tracks baby name trends in real-time.

I Met Esmeralda Santiago!

Esmeralda Santiago

This weekend I was privileged to meet Esmeralda Santiago, the author of When I was Puerto Rican who was in Rochester for an event I was volunteering at, the 20th Reconocimiento Awards hosted by Latinas Unidas, the only nonprofit Latina networking association in the area.

It was a great dinner recognizing great Latina leaders in the area. They were recognized for their volunteerism, leadership and career achievement as well as a young Latina award given to a HS senior. All four ladies gave impressive speeches. Local women government officials such as county executive Maggie Brooks and congresswoman Louis Slaughter also gave some great speeches. Congresswoman Slaughter said something that really spoke to me: “When women succeed, America succeeds”. It was a great event with some amazing speakers and MC Norma Holland did a great job.

I loved listening to Esmeralda Santiago speak, who was the keynote speaker. She effortlessly spoke in both English and Spanish about how she came to write her book, her humble beginnings in the rural area of Puerto Rico and her feelings as she immigrated and tried to acclimate to NYC. How her grandparents weren’t able to read and write however she was able to graduate with a full scholarship from Harvard (!!) and write a book that was translated in over 20 languages. I was honored to be able to meet her and have a conversation with her about my love of books and also being the only Latina in the library and finding nothing that represented me while growing up. I am thankful that we now have authors like her and Sandra Cisneros, Alisa Valdes, Julia Alvarez, Isabel Allende and Junot Diaz who can be a voice for the Latino community.

This picture will forever be a reminder of meeting this amazing woman and that in fact all things are possible!! And of course this book worm had to grab a new book for my collection and get it signed!

Esmeralda Santiago1If you haven’t had a chance to read any books by Esmeralda Santiago, check out the Amazon page and see all her published works. Her books are also available at your local library. Also, if you want to become a member of Latinas Unidas, and for more information, check out their online page!


8 Things I love about Being Dominican

Today Dominicans everywhere (whether on the island or not) celebrate the Independence of their country. In the spirit of the holiday I am sharing some of my favorite Dominican things…

  1.  Mangu. I mean really how can I live without my platanos! Here’s a Mangu recipe. New York Chica just posted a picture this morning of her mangu skills
  2. The smell of my country. I can’t explain it but it smells like palm trees, warm breeze, sunshine coconuts and platanos.
  3. Junot Diaz. This Pulitzer prize winning author and his book the Brief Wondorous Life of Oscar Wao. Yea, enough said. I just purchased This is How You Lose Her. I can’t wait to start reading that one.
  4. Speaking of authors I love Julia Alvarez  books How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent, In the Time of the Butterflies (which was made into a movie with Salma Hayek and Marc Anthony) and the Tia Lola series for our kids just getting into reading and books. I’m a book worm myself so I love to share my love of reading with my kids and also support my Latino writers.
  5. Merengue..not the pie the music!
  6. Bachata and Romeo Santos/Aventura. Bachata just lets you mellow in your sorrows. I love it. Here’s a song Romeo made with Usher!and a song he made with Drake
  7. Queso Tropical. queso tropicalIt’s the best cheese you can fry. Period. Add that to your mangu and just call me for dinner.
  8. That’s Dominican.com. Their YouTube videos are hilarious. And so true!

Happy Dominican Independence Day to all my fellow Dominicans!

Have you Watched #LaVidaMeRobo #ad

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with the Stiletto Blogger Network and Univision. However, all opinions expressed herein are my own.

Did you get the chance to join us for yesterday’s Twitter Party while we watched #LaVidaMeRobo? If you didn’t, you missed one great fiesta! It was great to chat with comadres about one of the best novelas so far on Univision.

In this novela, there’s an antagonist that can still melt your heart. José Luis Álvarez is the antagonist of Lo Que La Vida Me Robo on Univision. He’s not rich by any means but is honest and hardworking. And how can you not fall in love with those chiseled features and day old scruff!?


He and fellow hottie Sebastian Rulli are fighting for the love of Montserrat, who you see pictured above in between them. In order to keep her high economic status, Montserrat’s family is arranging her marriage with Sebastian Ruli’s character but she is instead in love with Jose Luis even though he can’t afford all her luxuries.

With the picturesque views of Mexico’s village of Aguazul (or blue waters) it is a great backdrop for this dramatic story. It’s definitely an addiction and you should be watching Univision at 9EST when it comes on. But you can also grab their free app to get sweet insiders like behind the scenes and things on the go. I for one like to catch up on my telenovleas at work so the app is awesome for busy mami’s on the go!

If you missed that Twitter party you missed the chance to win some fun prizes! But you can still enter a giveaway to win Univision treats!

Let’s talk telenovelas. Which was your absolute favorite telenovela of all time? Are you a telenovela addict like me? Share in the comments!

Enter to Win $50 AMEX Gift Card!

Enter below to win a $50 AMEX gift card courtesy of Univision! This contest runs through January 16, 2014. As always, suerte chicas!

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