My Annual Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Every year I try to do a Christmas Gift Guide. Let me stop for a second to say how I can’t believe how we’ve got here so fast. My tree usually goes up Black Friday weekend, that was a little late this year. And it took a little bit longer to decorate the tree once it came up. And there are already some wrapped gifts under the tree.

Side note before I get any hate mail…my kids do believe in Santa but they know only one of the gifts come from Santa because he’s got lots of kids to give gifts to. Then the rest are from Mami and Dad. No way am I giving that dude all the credit!

So I’ve done a Christmas Gift Guide or two in the past, and honestly this year it was hard for me to really get a list together. You know when you’re growing old when you want things like a stove (because did I mention that mine is at least 50 years old?!) and an robot vacuum (mostly because my kids leave a trail of crumbs in their wake.) A true dream for me would be to be at work and click on an app on my phone to ask my robot vacuum to clean my kitchen floor so that I can finally come home to a clean house. The dreams only moms can have amirite?

I guess I would also add a book or two to this list, but then I’d have to commit to reading them sometime in 2018 and that is a tough committment to make.

Last year I did a Christmas gift guide for the blogger in your life. I would totally add a ring light to this list.  I made my own for under $20 but if I could get a legit one someday that would be awesome!

This year’s Christmas gift guide feels more like stocking stuffer ideas for that mom in your life that likes pretty things…eyelashes, glitter sneakers, a new phone case and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t at least have one eye shadow palette. Some other things I’d like to grab is the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush and a new Swirl and Sparkle makeup brush cleaner. I think the one I had lasted me almost two years and I wash my brushes religiously!! For $20 you just can’t beat that.

I’m legit asking for a gift card or two so I can do some serious damage after Christmas. Because for me, it’s better to get a great deal than to open something for me under the tree. Who’s with me?

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