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Karruche Tran has teamed up with ColourPop Cosmetics to release a line of limited edition goodies.  ColourPop has become one of my favorite collections due to its inexpensive yet amazing matte liquid lipsticks.

We all know Karruche for her off and on again relationship with Chris Brown, but you might not know that she is also an entrepreneur. We shouldn’t be defined by our relationships anyway. I’m sure we all have an ex we regret.

Anyway, I love that this collection was made for women of color. It’s not marketed that way, but it does look like that to me, these colors were handpicked by her to look amazing on her pretty skin tone. I love that Colourpop does collaborations with women of different skin tones, but they also show you swatches on their site on arms of different complexions. Got to love it! And it’s proof that colors just look completely different if you have fair skin or medium skin and I’m glad that they appreciate that!

I love the Ultra Matte lipsticks in Chi, Rooch and Kae. The bronzer, Bronze Me and Blush Flush’d are matte, perfect for contouring. Rounding out the collection is Glo Up, a highlighter, and four eye shadows. They are super inexpensive, starting at $5.

If I wasn’t currently doing Project Pan I would totally jump on this Colourpop collab for at least the blush and lipsticks. But the fact that I’ve used a 10 gallon tote to put away my makeup and still have a lot left to use is a bit disgusting. I will be trying to clean up and use up what I have before I buy anything more!

But this Colourpop collab is very tempting!! ahhhh!


Have you purchased any Colourpop products? Here’s a pic from the instagram files on my last Colourpop Haul.

The only thing is that these lipsticks appear darker on your lips than in the bottle so choose with caution! I also purchased a primer so that it doesn’t dry out my lips too bad.

Which is your favorite out of this collection? Have you purchased Colourpop in the past?

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