Cuidado Con El Angel Recap II

I haven’t been writing a recap to this telenovela because it’s honestly irritating me. The whole double personality thing that the nanny suffers from was ridiculous. Ok that she got off on murder charges due to the fact that she has split personality and it was the “bad” personality that committed the crime but here in the US you would plead insanity and then you actually go to a mental institution not the dude’s house whose wife you killed and worked for as a nanny. And it doesn’t matter that he also happens to be a psychiatrist. I hate when telenovelas aren’t believable.

That’s one irritating part. The other irritating part to me is the way Marichuy is behaving with her child. She’s lucky enough that her ex-husband wants to be in the child’s life and wants to recognize him as his child. Some men won’t do that without a DNA test. She’s also lucky that there are people that want to be a part of her son’s life, not just Juan Miguel but his sister as well who would be the aunt. Yet she doesn’t like people to hold him, she didn’t want Juan Miguel or his sister going to the church for the baptism either. They had every right to be there. She seems to think that her son is just hers and no one else’s when the child has a family that loves him.

Also, she was livid that Juan Miguel went to register the child at the clerk’s office before she did. So this means that now the child has his last name as well as her estranged parents last name which she didn’t want. I don’t know I just think the whole thing is just way too much. I hope it gets better soon because it’s really dragging and I just don’t have time to sit and wait!


One more thing: She knows she loves that man (Juan Miguel) yet she tells the nanny (who came to her woman to woman to see where things stand) that she didn’t want to be with him anymore. And she has the nerve to cry about that afterwards. Really? You did that to yourself! She’s almost too naive for me. I loved Al Diablo Con Los Guapos and Marichuy reminds me of Millie. But the raven hair and the manner in which they speak is all they have in common. Marichuy is getting borderline annoying I really hope they resuscitate that character and redeem her a bit.


So what do you think is going to happen? Is she going to finally reconcile with her mother? Is she going to be with Juan Miguel or with Omar?

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