Cuidado Con El Angel Recap III

This week has been pretty juicy on Cuidado Con El Angel. There has been two weddings, not including the one that spilled over from the prior week. Omar is getting more obsessive with Marichuy and she still doesn’t want to admit that she has feelings for Juan Miguel. They ended up being part of one of the weddings which sparked some more feelings between them. Apparently now Juan Miguel and Blanca have joined forces to try to get Omar and Marichuy. Blanca has decided (I’m not sure when) that Omar is the man for her. Juan Miguel has always admitted his feelings for Marichuy so together they are trying to make them see that they do have feelings for each other and that Omar really doesn’t love Marichuy. Another mess!

I have to say that the dress that Marichuy wore at that wedding was absolutely fabulous! She had a purple dress and it looked satin-y. It was a perfect complement to her light complexion and dark hair. Her makeup was also fabulous. The silvery purple on her eyes were just perfect! I need to find that dress is absolutely gorgeous.

Well anyway….Juan Miguel and Omar were arguing (as usual) over Marichuy at her house. Mind you at this point Omar and Marichuy are engaged for the second time. So she’s had enough of them fighting and said she didn’t want to be with either of them and kicked them out. She also needs to make up her mind. She’s engaged and then she’s not, she’s with one then she’s not. Seriously girl you can’t get all engaged off and on like that in one week goodness! So she tells her producer Amador that she wants to continue to be an actress because she’s not getting married anymore and she’s staying in the city.

You can check out Cuidado Con El Angel’s unofficial web site to comment and view the novela. Also, if you want to know how it ends you can check out Wikipedia. It’s definitely a spoiler! But at least it seems like the novela is going to get good. It has already ended in Mexico. I hate that they start them earlier in other countries and the US gets it later on. Esmas also has the last few episodes online. Check them out if you want. :)My other novela Las Tontas, has already finished and started ten months prior to its start in the US!

7 thoughts on “Cuidado Con El Angel Recap III

  1. me encanta la actuacion de maite en la novela cuidado con un angel no me la pierdo aki en estados unidos todavia no se acaba… esta en donde ella no puede ver despues de su operocion cuando le dieron el balazo… wow!!! felicidades realmente fue una telenovela k valio la pena…

  2. if anyone can tell me what episode was just aired on april 10 2009, or more specific, the video she was dancing to when her and the other lady were wrestling around….also,the same song played when she was showering a little later in the same episode, i would appreciate it…i’ve been searching for a while now, and i can’t find it…can’t even find the episode lists fo the re runs, cause the original list is different…if u don’t know the song it’s okay..i just need the episode number or around about what number it’s on now, and i could try to find it from there…thanks, and god bless

    1. the song is called vete ya by valentin elizalde if that’s the song where she was in her room dancing and singing and the lady came in turned it off and juan miguel walked in . hope that’s the song that you were looking for.

  3. Hi Diamondeez: Friday’s epsiode was more of a recap. I didn’t watch it so I’m not sure what songs were playing. I hope someone here can help you or you can try the links I shared in this post for the unofficial website and the esmas website for more info. Good luck.

  4. i have to say that the dress that marichuy wore at her wedding was absoloute fabolous and she gorgeous classic,as it is true on it.

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