Cute Sneakers for Spring and Summer

I love running around with cute sneakers. They sass up a casual outfit, give your feet a break from the stilettos and you can chase after your kids in style.


My closet is probably half and half stilettos and sneakers.  I love flats and sandals as well, but I think sneakers give your foot more of a cushion if you’re spending your day on your feet. You know, amusement park or shopping, or on vacation. We tend to walk quite a bit when we are on vacation!

summer sneakers

A pair of Converse in an unexpected color or print is perfect for spring and summer. I love the bright blue and the giraffe print! Converse’s are my fave, I’ve highlighted them before on 5 Things Fashionable Moms Can’t Live Without.

The Keds by Kate Spade sneaker remind me of the pink, gray and white sneakers I bought while on vacation last summer at the Converse outlet. These Kate Spade dots are also glitter like the ones I own. These shoes are fun and glam at the same time. Who doesn’t want to be fun and glam?

Hot pink is another unexpected color that would really finish off an outfit. I love high top sneakers!

If you are into loafers, I tend to wear them in summer as well, these two from Steve Madden are the perfect neutrals but they bring a bit more to an outfit.

The rose gold pair will really show off a tan (and I love rose gold right now!!) and the leopard print would be cute with a summer dress or a cropped pant!

If you’re looking for a good sale, I want to mention that Steve Madden on sale at 6pm!

What’s on your shopping list this spring and summer? Sound off in the comments!

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