Quick & Easy Halloween Wreath to Make Now!

Now that the busy summer season is gone, and the busy fall back to school season is here, I’ve been focusing on doing home décor around the house. Fall is my absolute favorite. I’ve seen so many pretty wreaths on Pinterest but don’t want to spend the cash to purchase a wreath for one season or holiday.

I’m honestly surprised that I got this project right. I didn’t even take that many pictures in the beginning because I wasn’t sure how my DIY wreath was going to turn out. Ha!!

DIY Wreath

I’m actually pretty proud of how it turned out and it became the first of many DIY Saturdays. For $5, I’m hoping to make a DIY wreath for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas along with spring and summer. This was actually the easiest thing ever, if you are an intro level beginner DIY’er like myself, this would be easy peasy for you to complete!

2016-10-01 17.16.04

I went to the Dollar Store and got the following:

  • Pack of eyeball favors (you want the ones that are half a circle, not like a ball.
  • Pack of black butterflies with silver lining.
  • A roll of burlap ribbon(I frayed it a bit)
  • A wreath form
  • A stem of black roses

You will also need:

  • A hot glue gun
  • Glue gun sticks
  • Wire cutter (to cut the flowers)

Note to self, make sure you have all supplies needed before starting a project. I ran out of glue in the middle of my project. Totally newbie error. Also I thought I had wire cutters but I must have tossed them so I had to work through a pair of scissors. That wasn’t fun.

First things first, you wrap the ribbon around the wreath. I used hot glue on the front side of the wreath to keep the ribbon sticking to it as I wrapped it around. You will have enough to cover the entire wreath.

Then I clipped the butterflies (they came with clips! Can this get any easier!!) randomly around the wreath.

Take a rose stem, cut the stem as short as you’d like, then push in through the ribbon into the wreath.

I put the eyes on last…at that point I didn’t have glue left so I used pins with the pearls on the end. They fit perfectly and do the job well.

Can you believe that with $5 you can DIY a wreath for your front door? It only took me about ten minutes, it would probably take you five if you have hot glue and wire cutters in hand. I absolutely hate projects that cost you just as much if not more than if you would have purchased at the store. I still can’t believe this DIY wreath only cost me $5!

DIY Wreath

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