Do You Have A Beauty Routine?

Do you have a beauty routine you follow religiously? I really don’t have one. I’m more of how I feel at the moment. Actually I lied. I like to give my hair a leave in treatment every other week. It keeps it from looking so dry. I also like to do my nails once a week. If I don’t and my nail polish starts to chip then I start to pick at my cuticles and nails until I’ve destroyed them. I have a bad nail biting habit since childhood I just can’t break! Do you remember that nail polish Avon used to sell back in the day that goes on clear but once you try to bite your nails it has this gross after taste? Yuck! That didn’t work for me either. Goodness that takes me back! I remember my aunts used to get garlic and put it in clear nail polish. They said it was to strengthen the nails. Not sure how true that was though. Or how well it worked. I just know I always had my nails bitten down to where I couldn’t bite them anymore.

Anyway back to beauty routines. Anyone have any they’d like to share? I also remember a home remedy for a leave in treatment with mayonnaise and eggs and whatever else. I say just go buy a leave in treatment or make yourself a potato salad! I tried that once and I swear my hair still smelled like eggs and mayonnaise days after!

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  1. Of course I have a beauty regimen…every woman needs to start a regimen by the age of 15. If you are in your teens, use a cleanser like cetafil at night (if you have acne or not)..most acne products dry your skin out and your skin ends up producing more oil, so you end up with more acne..the way to control your acne is with diet and a very basic skincare regimen…for your pimples, as well as old acne scars, I recommend Kiels Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin – Clearing Treatment..(magic) for all ages……You need to use a mask to dry up without stripping –

    Queen Helene – Mint Julep Mask – You can find this at any drugstore, or online at any beauty supply…inexpensive and does the trick!

    Toner-YOU MUST use an ALCOHOL FREE toner…Rilastil makes a great one…if you are on a budget they have wonderful alcohol free toners out there as well. I work with clients of all ages one on one in NYC…if you are out of NYC I do travel all over the country as well. If on a budget, I do phone/skype consultations

    Do not lie in the sun, the other thing you need to use everyday like a religion starting I would say at 13 is sunscreen. Here in the US there are two I recommend. Avene and La Roche Posay. If you use full skincare/makeup regimen..after you have applied your skincare for the day, before your cosmetics, you then apply your sunscreen (it doesnt matter if your moisturizer has an spf) need this step, do not forget the hands, arms, neck, and chest area…body FEET and CHEST. AGE 15 SEE SPF EYE CREAM BELOW…MUST USE SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY..LA ROCHE POSAY OR AVENE, & SPF EYE CREAM..You will want to thank me as you age and look at least 10 years younger than everyone else your age…I wish I started at your age. I didnt start until I was 26. I still look young, but have some sun damage that I got from not wearing sunscreen, and going to the beach putting oil on like all teens do..big mistake, trust me…look at some woman that look great for 40 and some that look like they are 60 at 40…dont smoke (will age you by 15 years forgetting about disease, you will get ugly, your teeth will look gross, you smell, and your skin will wrinkle, turn yellow, hey…look at any woman over 40…you are able to point out who is or was a big smoker…trust me! Drink lots of water, get at least 8 hrs of sleep everynight, alcohol is also a huge ager…no need to over do it…have fun, but keep your health and beauty in mind…nutrition is key…there are specific supplements that I have my clients take ontop of specific dietary changes that need to happen.

    Skincare regimen includes: Cleanser, SPECIFIC toner (toners are a mistake unless you use the PROPER type. I will go over the proper type), makeup remover, facial scrub (exfoliate),serum, eye cream,daytime moisturizer, nightime moisturizer, mask…extra item…additional eye gel, acne/scar removing gel (Kiels -the ONLY one to use – I am not getting paid to endorse any product..I have over ten years experience in this industry, have tried everything from every price range and know what works)….

    Cleanser-Cetafil is perfect for all skin types

    Makeup Remover – Amore Pacific Oil – A lot of people think if they use one of these oils it is adding oil to the skin and they will break out, not true…Amore makes an amazing oil, Shu has one thats great…Amore Pacific is a company from Asia and uses only botanicals, so you get a fabulous product that is also gentle…this product is not cheap, its in a fab. pump type bottle, and if you use it every day (only need a pump and a half)…will last you 4-6 months so 50 dollars over six months..think about the amt of money you use on eye makeup remover plus facial makeup remover…this stuff takes it all off, even the heaviest caked on mascara, no need to rub or tug like you do with a wipe or other removers….worth it if you just use it on the eyes….

    Acne Treatment/Removes Old Acne Scars as well!!! – Keils Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin Line – Clearing Treatment (you will be amazed)

    Exfoliant – Clarins Gentle Refiner – Exfoliating Cream with need to make sure your exfoliants ingredient is a complete sphere. Otherwise you will scratch your face, your pores, cause scars, redness, instead of simply getting rid of a layer of dead skin. You need to exfoliate at least 3 times a week. Do not use extra strength within your hands to scrub harder, let the beads in the exfoliater do the work. Otherwise you will not get intended results and get damaged skin (this goes for any exfoliant/scrub you use)

    Day Moisturizer – For people who do not have sensitive skin – most people do not have sensitive skin believe it or not…they are allergic to ingredients within cosmetics, skincare, haircare, detergant that they use…they do way too many scrubs, peels, lazer treatments, over use retinol products…this will obviously cause any person to consider themselves to have “sensitive skin”. I turn this around right away with my clients with a calming regimen, then we get to see what type of skin you really have. Then we
    will start you on your skincare/cosmetic regimen.
    The cream for day is Patricia Wexler Skin Brightening Daily Moisturizer Spf 30(available at Bath and Body Works…you can also search for a Bath and Body Works Coupon)

    Sunscreen – THE BEST – melts right into your skin ontop of moisturizer under makeup…La Roche Posay 50+ Anthelios XL Combination to Oily Skin…even if you have dry skin you should use this one as an everyday over your moisturizer.

    Day Eye Cream-Shiseido Sun Protective Eye Cream SPF 32+ use everyday even on rainy days….

    Toner- Rilastil Daily Care – MUST use an alcohol free toner!!! Even oily skin types…MUST USE ALCOHOL FREE TONER! main objective is to even out the ph of your skin, remove residual debris from pores, and you do not need something like seabreeze to do this…these products just cause more problems…This product in particular is for all skin types even the most sensitive of skin types. They use cucumber in the formula which soothes the skin, dont get crazy when you see the green color..Rilastil is the number one selling skincare line in Italy, and used by D&G before fashion shows (eye cream) to make models look awake. The eye cream I speak of is the

    Eye Contour eye cream will NEVER take care of all your needs, so stop looking for it. This one brightens, reduces puffiness, gives a more “awake” appearance to the eye. I use this at night if i am going to an event or out to dinner. Has no spf so no good for a day eye cream, and there are no anti-aging benefits so wont use as a night eye cream. Again, Rilastil makes this product…sold in NYC at Bigelow, and the larger Duane Reede locations…they sell it at the Madison & 80’s, Herald Square, Financial District, and one more…also sold at fine drug stores in NYC…call to find out before you go… can find it all over the country and in europe as well.

    Neck Cream- VERY IMPORTANT – as this is the first place we show our age….Revive a fabulous line by Dr. Brown ..Fermatif Neck Cream…not a cheap product, but you will see results

    *note on results..woman want a quick fix, and a week to two weeks into using a product they are looking for magic, if they see nothing, return the product get something else, the cycle continues, and there goes “I have tried everything”, you have tried nothing…six to eight months of CONTINUED and CONSISTENT use meaning every single day, twice a day, whatever the amt. of time for that particular product…after 6 months you will know if a product is working…also, I also know woman who love a product, it works, they dont use it for 3 days and “it stops working” so they return it….products are not surgery…you need to always be using the product in order for it to work….does your body get used to a product and stop working? Short answer no…its the clients that stop using the product properly and it stops “working”

    Mask- Meaningful Beauty…Masque-This mask purifies, rejuvenates, and illuminates. Use a mask 2X a week. They also have a super fine scrub that is great…Dr. Jean-louis Sebagh is the brain behind this wonderful line. He is a world famous plastic surgeon and dermatologist, and his clients are some of the most beautiful woman in the world. Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Fergie, Meg Ryan…I could go on and on… get the idea…of course he treats fabulous woman like you and I as well. I had the honor to have met him last week, and what a sweet and genuine man. He doesnt try and sell you his products, he is honest if he feels you have an issue that skincare products wont help. For example, I have great skin, but suffer from some puffiness..I will need to have the fat removed from under my eyes. Am I going to do this? You bet I will, and will save the money to see him in Paris. I believe that aging gracefully is the way to do it.”Doing litttle things as you go is the way to keep the face you have @35 for 25 more yrs” Besides the minor eye surgery Dr. Sebagh is known for his face lift without a knife. He uses fillers and vitamin injections to make sure your neck doesnt fall, you dont get the jowels, etc. now that is graceful if you ask me…its an art…no knife, no peels, nothing harsh, just in the hands of an artist….

    Budget Mask- An oldie but a goodie – Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask……all around great mask…

    Serum- A serum is a delivery system that allows you to get active ingredients to the skin without the interference of a bunch of other ingredients, to allow for better absorption (only if the particles are broken down to the correct size)..most products out there claim to do this and that, when in reality all they do is sit on the top layer of your skin and do nothing….

    Clarins – Double Serum
    Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh – Rose De Vie
    Meaningful Beauty – This product is more of a “glowing secret” Glowing Serum – Skin Revitalizing Serum. Use before moisturizer, also great to carry with you and apply as a “pick me up”

    Serums are to be used before moisturizer

    Facial Mist – Avene Thermal Spring Water for Sensitive Skin. They have a small 1.76 oz. bottle which is perfect for travel. This is a must while traveling…every hour on an airplane you need to be hydrating your skin with this, while also drinking lots of water and eating fresh fruit and fresh cut veggies. There are so many great uses for this…everything from setting makeup to helping with razor burn…this is a go to product…..great for cleansing for people who truly have sensitive skin so soothing….use instead of water to wash your face.

    Lip Products-

    Your lips get dry, flaky, parched, and need to be looking fresh and plump at all times…if you do not take proper care of your lips, I dont need to tell you what you look like with lipstick/gloss on…or with small shriveled lips when you could have plumped up lips.

    The Lip Scrub – Sara Happ – Comes in a few scents, absolutely amazing!! (I use Vanilla Bean)
    Lip Scrub/Balm- Bigelow makes this great product that comes in a small tube, its part of the menthe line and has exfoliating beads in it. Works great, not as strong as The Lip Scrub
    My Secret- Mustela Cold Cream (comes in a small stick that you push up).for dry flaky lips, a must in the winter, protects against wind burn…i use on lips and cheeks during the winter
    Lip Healer – Neosporin Lip Health – Overnight Renewel Therapy (magic)

    Organic Product line for Hands, Feet, Lips, Baby – Balm Balm…I was the first person to carry the line in the US…now you can find this fabulous line many places…

    Hair Remover – For those of you who do not get waxed….the best hair removal cream is by Avon…part of the Skin So Soft line…Smooth Lisse – They have a special one for the lip and another one for the body….get both….

    Body Scrub – Alba Botanica – 100% Vegetarian ingredients – Paraben Free – Kukui Nut ORGANIC Body OIl

    Body Oil – I like to use dry body oils instead of creams when I get out of the shower. There are two. One is a must have for day, another is a must have when doing a “spa night” at home, or before bed.

    Dry Day Oil – Neutrogena Body Oil – Absolutely Amazing…Nuxe makes a dry oil that happens to be pricey. I have used the Neutrogena Oil for years. I have wanted to try the Nuxe for years..finally I was given five days worth of samples…its a very nice product BECAUSE, its the same exact thing as the Neutrogena Oil…so not worth paying the money….They also make an illuminating oil, which is the same thing as the dry oil but with a “glow”….again, use the Neutrogena Oil along with a liquid luminizer or bronzer…a little goes a long way with these type of dont want them to transfer onto your clothes…you need to use the correct product so it mixes well with the oil, and the right amount…I also answer any questions or concerns you may have. My blog is in the process of being the meantime you can reply to this message and include your email address, I will respond to each and every person individually.

    Sensitive Skin – Avene has a line for Sensitive Skin that is just wonderful, and Rilastil also makes a line for Sensitive Skin, but also have products for hypersensitive skin….if you have sensitive skin, look for products that say hypersensitive which means that your skin reacts to products very easily.

    Hypersensitive Rilastil – Optimal- Can use day and night (for dryer skin types) If my skin is reactive I use this but only at night.

    Legere – A lighter cream for day and night…(for combination or oily)..I am combination and when reactive I use during the day with a sunscreen over.

    Cleanser for Hypersensitive Skin- Requires NO RINSING!!! Also great for traveling

    An absolute must for everyone to have – AQUAPHOR Healing Ointment. Works on everything from lips to elbows to burns, can use as a moisturizer, great to protect against windburn……

    Again, I offer one on one personal shopping, consults, beauty styling, orgainization, makeup lessons, makeup application, eyebrow shaping, eyelash application, microcurrent facials, makeup lesson parties, makeup bag cleanout parties where I go over everything you have, get rid of what doesnt work, everyone gets a makeup application and lesson of choice….great for a girls night, before the wedding, *treat all skincare issues including cystic acne

    Currently have wonderful MOTHERS DAY SPECIALS!!!

    email me at with questions you have, for prices, packages, and all things beauty….

  2. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin daily. Use sunscreen to protects from dryness and skin cancer. Eat healthy foods, regular exercise,and take an ample rest. Don’t forget to add more water on your dietary plan to keep hydrated. Easy steps for skin care regimen of mine.

    Linda 🙂
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