Do You Have A Signature Scent?

I have a collection of perfume and perfume lotions that you wouldn’t believe. I barely ever wear perfume so I’ve had small decanters of perfume for years that still look full. I don’t wear perfume much to work and because of my allergies don’t wear much in the summer. Of course my allergies are killing me today and on top of it I’m wearing perfume so go figure. But I’ve had this bottle of perfume for years it’s from BCBG. It’s either called star or sexy. I love musky light fragrances. No vanilla or flowers for me. I do like Baby Phat’s Goddess and they have a small one for $10 I might get that for my signature scent. Anyone who’s been reading this blog knows I’m a Baby Phat fan. I love their purses and shoes. So that would be a nice addition I’d have for years. J I also own some Avon stuff I’ll probably get rid of and Curve crush which is my fave. I got it for Christmas maybe two years ago I still have two bottles left. I’m telling you I rarely wear perfume. And when I do it’s very light. I like for hubby to have to get real close to smell my perfume not for everyone to smell me coming a while away! So what is your signature scent? Do you have a preference between clean smelling, flower scents or musky scents?

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  1. Wow, I think we have similar tastes in scents. I love Goddess by Kimora.. It smells divine. I don’t like vanilla or
    I think my signature scent is Happy by Clinique. I love that perfume. DH bought me a huge bottle 2 years ago and it still smells good.. It’s about less then half now. My DH and daughter are having some bad allergies today too…

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