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We are continuing through DIY Saturdays by making a chore chart. My two boys are now 4 and 9 and I hate having to repeat myself every five minutes asking if their chores are done. We went to Michael’s to grab some items to start their chore chart. I figured having the boys be a part of the process of choosing what to decorate their chore charts with and then decorating them when we got home would increase the chances of them being excited to use it.

2016-10-15 17.24.50

Materials used for Chore Chart:

Letters for their names
Hot glue
Modge Podge
Foam Brushes
Magazines (to decorate the letters)
Scissors (to cut the magazine paper)
Googly eyes
Metal pan sheet ready for hanging you can try this one and frame it!

This time I had all the materials in front of me Winking smile

2016-10-15 17.24.53

To use the modge podge with the magazine paper, first you:

  1. Cut the magazine sheet and use the letter as a stencil.
  2. Then put a bit of the modge podge on the foam brush and apply it to the letter.
  3. After that, apply the modge podge over the letter to seal it all in.
  4. Give it a bit to dry.

Once the letters dry you can use hot glue to apply it to the sheet. The boys had fun decorating them!

I ordered some small magnetic chore chart buttons from Etsy. They are custom made so they took a while to receive but I love them! They have pictures for the little one and letters for the big one to be able to read it. They are .80 cents each for up to 50 buttons. Because of their age difference they have some chores that are the same (make bed, brush teeth, pick up toys) but some different ones for each (do homework for my oldest, get dressed for my youngest..)

2016-11-06 08.55.45

I put them upstairs in the hallway where our bathroom is. I thought it was the perfect place to add their chore charts so they can check it in the morning and throughout the day as well as right before bed to get things from the To Do to Done section. They are low enough that they both can reach it and are super excited when they move something from the To Do to the Done part. My 4 year old will get $1 allowance as long as everything is all done and my 9 year old will get $5 for the same, but would get some cash taken away if there’s any sassy mouth. The sassy monster has gotten worse and worse.

I’ve heard pros and cons on having an allowance and I can see both sides of that coin. But I like to try things out to see what would work best for me and my family. Not having to remind them to make their beds in the morning would be awesome. And my new chore is to wake up earlier so I’m not so stressed out and they can make their beds in the morning lol.

I really like to make sure they understand I’m not the maid and they should be helping out around the house too. I refuse to pick up toys and clean their rooms (I will sweep/mop but not pick up or make beds) mostly because I want them to be a functioning member of society when they get older and not expect everyone to do everything for them. Also I’m raising future husbands, they should learn from now how to do chores and the chore charts will help them be more responsible. I’m sure their future spouses will thank me!

Do you use chore charts with your kids? Do you find that it works for you or not?

Chore Chart

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