Easy Ways to Keep Your House Clean….Even If You Work Full Time!

house cleaning schedule

A house cleaning schedule is my secret, that I will share with you.

At any given moment, if you ask me what I’m doing I might respond with “Cleaning.” It may seem like I’m cleaning all the time, but I never spend more than a half hour to an hour cleaning at any given moment. I do this and keep my house clean by cleaning certain parts of the house on certain days. I keep a house cleaning schedule to stay on top of the mess.

After having kids, it seems like the house exploded into a big mess that can’t be kept clean. And if you have small kids running around, it’s just not feasible to try and dedicate two or three hours straight on a Saturday afternoons. What used to be a super quick task can end up twice as long because kids want questions answered (like “what are you doing, mom”) or they are always hungry and it completely slows everything down. I’m not sure how my mom did it but there’s just no way I can dedicate a Saturday to cleaning. As part of my house cleaning schedule, I do dedicate Saturday mornings to deep clean something. Say the bathrooms, or the fridge/stove.

At first, I tried Fly Lady’s method where you choose a “hot zone” or an area of your house that gets a lot of traffic and focus say 15 minutes of your day on getting that cleaned up. But then I realized I was only cleaning that one hot zone all the time and didn’t keep up with the rest of the cleaning. What I found worked more me was Clean Mama’s way of cleaning. She’s got free printables to help you get organized and get clean with your own house cleaning schedule. She has a theme for every day of the week, I follow her on Instagram to get the prompts with reminders.

So here’s the house cleaning schedule that works for me: During the week, I focus most of my energy on the rooms that get used the most: Living Room, Kitchen and Bathrooms. I make sure I declutter one room at a time while dinner is cooking on the stove.

I also make sure the kids are involved. My oldest cleans his room while I help and show him how to do it correctly. He’s now old enough to do his own laundry as well. I show my little one to pick up his toys and make sure he keeps his room clean as well. He knows he won’t be able to play in the living room if he leaves a mess and doesn’t pick it up.

Saturdays are for deep cleaning. The fridge gets a deep cleaning once a month on Saturdays, the bathrooms also get a deep cleaning every other week. Otherwise I use this simple trick to keep them clean: How to Clean All Your Bathrooms in 15 Minutes this has been a game changer for me!

There are things that I do seasonally as well like cleaning out toys and other clutter, cleaning paper clutter after the end of the school year. I concentrate on one room at a time when I do a deep cleaning. Otherwise it’s a fifteen minute maintaining routine which is perfect for me and my busy home!

How do you keep your home clean, do you have a house cleaning schedule? Do you clean one day of the week or do you clean your home daily room by room? I would love to hear any cleaning tricks you’ve got to share!


4 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Keep Your House Clean….Even If You Work Full Time!

  1. I may have to start using this method, with the demands of school this semester I don’t have lots of time and keeping my house clean is a must for me so this may be a game changer, thank you 🙂

    1. No problem I hope it works for you. Don’t forget to get the boys involved as well! I have to remind my kids to do things otherwise they seem to forget how to pick up after themselves. Have a great semester!

  2. I am really busy and for years already struggle with keeping the house clean. My kids help only with tidying up their rooms and the places where they play. For the rest I have the weekends for doing the laundry and paying attention to the kids and their homework. I even hire cleaners (http://cleaners-edgware.com/) to clean my house once a week. I really want to stop with this and find a way to do everything myself. Thank you for the post! 🙂

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