Facials Anyone?

I had a facial done a few months ago and it was divine! I was thinking of going back and getting another one done. Of course I haven’t made my way back there. I went to a cosmetology school to get it done and loved it but I didn’t like the fact that it’s the luck of the draw. You can get someone who’s on their last day of school or someone just starting out. So I was thinking I can do it myself right? Nope. All those products that I have make my bathroom look like a cosmetic counter yet I don’t use any of it. I have like three different kinds of masks, toner, the whole thing. But there’s no “Five Minute Facial” that I know of like my Mani and Pedi. Maybe I need to make one for the busy Mamis. I’m constantly on the go so all I have is Five Minutes in the bathroom for anything above the usual bathroom routine. I know Oil of Olay has those facial towlettes have you used that? That might be doable for me but not daily. Maybe every other day or twice a week. Or even twice a month would probably be enough. I would like to keep my skin smooth and clear. I found so many blackheads this weekend. Yuck! My problem though is that I have sensitive, acne prone skin. Hmmm…maybe I can find something cheap that works. I would love any comments!

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