Fall Shopping…Duster Jackets

fall shopping

I have a confession to make.  I lived all summer in one pair of Target sandals (last year’s style) and flip flops on the weekend. I haven’t had any energy to properly put myself together for work on a daily basis.  Between getting this house updated into the new millennium (this damn wallpaper) I have had no juice left to look cute. Or even write about it. I’ve been doing the bare minimum, even with my face. Which doesn’t help with my Project Pan. How am I going to hit pan if I am not using my face products? At least I haven’t bought anything new. Ok maybe one new lipstick before I called it quits. I know…I have issues.

Anyway, fall is my favorite time of year and it’s quickly approaching! Even though I’m all grown up, fall shopping is still a habit that I thoroughly enjoy. The only thing I don’t like about fall is that winter follows right after and the winter here is serious. But we’ve had a beautiful spring and summer so I’m hoping our winter is not too bad.

Fall shopping is everything. Layering…sweaters..boots….I already saw a pair of boots at Target that I really like. What I would love to do is overhaul my closet into a capsule wardrobe for work and weekend. Even with the shopping I did this summer, I don’t feel like I have a complete wardrobe and end up wearing the same old favorites over and over (hello Target sandals) when I have so many other things I can wear.

I’m going to continue to work on my comfy chic wardrobe this fall and add some pieces to my wardrobe. I need a jacket (or two) and a cool pair of boots. I’m still on my makeup no buy so all the money I’m saving from not going to Ulta or Sephora is going to go into my fall wardrobe.

I stopped my Stichfix because I didn’t want to lose it in the mail while moving and changing addresses. I might have to pick it up again come fall!

I’m in love with this duster jacket. It can always be belted for a different look, but in those early fall days it can be worn like a cardigan and dressed up or down. This look is great for a night out. I’m totally in love with bralettes right now they are so pretty and comfy! You can’t go wrong with gold hoops and a little lace is perfect for fall. I’m all about burgundy this fall season. Nude lace up heels and a blush clutch round up the high waisted jeans nicely. I wear at minimum a mid rise to minimize that muffin top.

night out

If you’re running after your little bundle of joy but still want to look cool…I call this outfit “cool ass mom”.  This time I use the duster with a layering tee that’s less than $10. A dark wash pair of jeans always looks like an update in my book. I brought back the burgundy in a pair of chucks (because you know how much I like my sneakers) and a bomb ass necklace that makes you look like you have your sh!t together while chasing after your toddler in the park. The navy tote with the scalloped edges helps you carry snacks and wipes while still looking cool. Someone get me this entire outfit. Every piece is under $50. If this isn’t comfy chic…I don’t know what is!

cool ass mom

A cool jacket can truly transform an outfit and make you look so put together. I’m going to be making a list of jackets that we need this fall in a blog post soon!

2 thoughts on “Fall Shopping…Duster Jackets

  1. Cute jacket!! I can’t wait for Fall either, I purchased a flannel and a long open front cardigan at Old Navy today *eeek* can’t wait to whip out the boots and sweaters!!

    1. Open front cardigans are my fave! I keep them in my closet year round. I can’t wait to get my clothes out either!! I have it on my calendar to change out my closet on the last weekend of the month!

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