Fashion Friday: Cleaning Up The Closet


So I finally cleaned up my closet inspired by the book from Philip Bloch called The Shopping Diet: Spend Less and Get More . Sometimes you need to get some focus in order to to make the most out of your closet. He had some good suggestions about purging and I really wasn’t thinking of cleaning my closet (although it desperately needed it) but a few chapters in I got right in there and arranged everything!


My biggest issue was the shoes and I arranged them by type (booties, peep toes, etc) and bought an over the door shoe holder as well as a three tier shelf for about $14 from Bed Bath & Beyond. These are stackable and I put all my sneakers there. You can paint it any color you’d like, and I was going to but I got lazy. 🙂 I also got got this great belt organizer and hung it on one of my hooks for about $5! The pink thing you see in the picture above is for my flats. I’ve arranged all my tops by color and besides it being aesthetically pleasing, it helps me figure out what color (s) I have too much of and what color I need in my closet. It’s so much easier for me to get ready in the morning and I do feel like I make the most out of my closet. A lot of my friends complain that they don’t have anything to wear yet I feel like I have less clothes but I make more of a use out of them!

So my tip, think what type of fashion person you are: Do you love accessories (like one of my friends does? She is the belt and necklace QUEEN!!) or are you like me who loves shoes (I pick my shoes first, then the outfit to match…seriously) or are you a true clothes horse? Figure out your fashion personality and how you get dressed in the morning and arrange your closet that way. You’ll be put together in no time!

Another tip: my closet fits my lifestyle. Most of the time I’m dressed business casual for work. So those clothes are easily accessible. Weekend wear, jeans and workout wear are behind that in my closet. They are a bit harder to get to considering the layout of my closet, but that’s fine by me because on the weekends I’m not on a time crunch to get ready to go out.

I hope these tips help you out and you get motivated to makeover your closet! Now if I can tackle the makeup and beauty products….

9 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Cleaning Up The Closet

  1. No problem! It makes it so much easier to get dressed in the morning! Check out the skirt and pants hangers, saves so much space in the closet! BB&B has skirt hangers that you can hang 5 skirts on and same with the pants.

  2. I am so scared to clean out our closet, we live in an older house with smaller closets and who knows what’s in there.

  3. Wow with 3 kids, expecting the 4th one and a husband my closets need to be cleaned every months . I will start now before Christmas to have space for new stuff

    1. You sound busy!! Congrats on the new addition! I like keep things in order to make the most use of my wardrobe. Don’t throw anything away that may fit you after the baby is born! Good luck with your delivery!

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