Fight Frizz with John Frieda Blow Dryer

frizz I’ve tried out a few blow dryers in the last few years and my favorite right now is a blow dryer my friend gave me after the one I reviewed died on me. I was devastated. I don’t think it even lasted a year! I love John Frieda though and I use the Frizz Ease serum. I have been using it for years on and off! The longer you use it the better your hair behaves. I was once caught out in the snow and my hair didn’t frizz! But still I wasn’t sure what to expect with the blow dryer.

I didn’t do anything differently but using the new dryer. I washed my hair with the same products, I added my frizz ease as usual and I didn’t even put any styling cream afterwards. I also didn’t use a different brush. And did I see a difference? Um…YES!!! This day two hair. Seriously my ends are so bad that I was thinking of breaking down and getting a cut. Even though I’m trying to grow it out. But drying it with the John Frieda Blow Dryer made it shiny and nice. My ends don’t look fried like they were looking before. Love this dryer!



It’s light weight, quiet and the ceramic is extra good for your hair. It’s also not a bad price at $49.99 at Ulta and Amazon.


The only con I had is the way I grip the handle I kept turning off the dryer. I turned off the dryer or switched it to low or cool a bunch of times while drying. It was driving me a bit nuts. But if my hair is going to look like this all the time I will take it!

The dryer has a cool shot, high and low settings, as well as hot and cool. It comes with two concentrators and a diffuser. And it definitely holds up to the high standard I’ve given John Frieda. Another great addition to the collection! If you’re in the market for a new blow dryer, I totally recommend this one. It will make your hair look like you just got it professionally styled!

My hair is really curly but I think it’s better straight. Lower maintenance. The diffuser attachment would be great for the curls though. Do you blow dry your hair at home?

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  1. I love my blow dryer but if you asked me the name of it, I couldn’t tell you. It makes my hair super straight and shiny. I picked it up one day at TjMaxx. I totally agree with you. A good blow dryer can make or break your hair style. Besos!
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