Finally! One Throw Pillow Completed

I finally after weeks of waiting and picking fabric and not having any time to start my project I completed one throw pillow. I found this fabric at 1.99 a yard it was plain brown and I glued the ribbon on. So the whole cost of this pillow would be about $3 for the yard of fabric and the stuffing I used. I still have a yard of this fabric and another yard and some change of another fabric that’s brown white and blue. That’s why I chose those colors for the ribbon. I did this by hand but I want to try my sewing machine on the next pillow. This literally took me all day even though I did stop once in a while. But I would say about 4 hours total. But hey for a $3 pillow that’s not bad at all!! Check it out tell me what you think. I’m a sewer-in-training so that was the first time I tried that ribbon technique. So keep that in mind! I’ll post instructions if you ladies would like any. Sorry for the quality of the pic…took it with my cell phone! (I have a new comp and haven’t had time to upload my digital camera software so I just email myself the pics of my phone.) I know….laziness.

2 thoughts on “Finally! One Throw Pillow Completed

  1. Oh I like it alot.. Very nice. I need to learn how to sew b/c pillows are so expensive. How much did you pay for the whole pillow?

  2. Around $5. For $20 you can probably get two yards of fabric, the batting and ribbon. Of course if you don’t have a glue gun and fabric glue you’re going to need to get that too. My glue gun was cheap but I bought it years ago. You can find them at the dollar store. I believe I got mine there like 4 years ago so it works pretty good. I don’t use it that much though but enough I guess. You for two yards of fabric you’d get four throw pillows out of them. So I’m doing about five all together.

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