How to Find Your Lost Fitbit

I purchased my first Fitbit Flex around December. I think I lost it before the New Year. Seriously. But it was totally not my fault. I had left it in the bathroom and my husband in his early morning “I hate mornings” type of mood let it fall down the drain in the sink. So I knew it was gone forever.


Fast forward to last week where I got a new one on Ebay. I got it on Wednesday, charged it and started wearing it on Thursday. Friday morning I woke up with my Fitbit alarm (so it was definitely on my wrist) and between getting ready for work and actually getting to work, it was gone. I had my bracelet on but the Fitbit was gone.


I couldn’t believe it! I’ve had it for like a day and a half and it was gone! But I was sure it last synced at home so it had to be at home somewhere. I was hanging on to all sorts of hope. Because if it was gone I wasn’t going to bother and get another one.

As soon as I get home from work I turned on the Bluetooth on my phone and tried to sync the Fitbit. IT SYNCED!! So it was around here somewhere!

I downloaded an app called LightBlue that helps you find Bluetooth enabled devices. I couldn’t understand it though. It’s like playing a game of hot and cold. Remember playing that when you were a kid?

I was walking around the house with my phone in my hand like a metal detector looking for this thing. Why do they have to make it so small!! We tore the couches apart, went into the half bath the full bath…couldn’t find it anywhere. And I didn’t understand the app. So I found a new app.

I can’t believe they make an app to find your Fitbit. Several actually. And they range from free to $6.99. No way in hell was I going to pay to find my Fitbit. Especially when it kept syncing.

I downloaded a new app called “Finder for Fitbit”. You select which Fitbit you are looking for. It can help you find the Flex, Surge, Zip, One, Charge, or Charge HR and tells you about how long each lasts with a charge. I clicked on the Fitbit Flex that I needed to find.

This thing was easier, it was a circle that you had to complete to find it. The closer I got to the missing Fitbit the more complete the circle got. The circle started completing in my bedroom. I went into my closet. Nothing.

Then I said what the heck let’s try the bed. The circle was becoming more and more complete. And BINGO!! Found my Fitbit! Right on the bed!

fit bit yaasss

Why do they have to make these so small!? I’m going to get new bracelets  that keeps my Fitbit more secure. Definitely don’t want to go through this again!

Have you lost your Fitbit or any other fitness tracker before? How have you found it? Let me know in the comments!

how to find your lost fitbit

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